Pakistan envisions 40,000MW of nuclear power generation capacity
By News Desk
17 September 2015

VIENNA (Dawn/ANN) - Plan chalked out to generate 8,000MW of electricity through nuclear means to overcome energy crises, says the chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

Pakistan envisages nuclear power generation capacity of 40,000 Mega Watts (MW) under its Nuclear Energy Vision 2050, said Muhammad Naeem, chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), according to a Radio Pakistan report.

Addressing the 59th International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference in Vienna, Naeem said the PAEC has chalked out a plan to generate 8,000MW of electricity through nuclear means in order to help the country overcome its energy crisis.

He said the PAEC was also providing peaceful applications of nuclear technology to the masses in the form of 18 oncology hospitals where approximately 80 per cent of the country's cancer patients were treated annually.

He said the PAEC also plans to expand its services by setting up more nuclear medical centres in the future.


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