On Women’s Day, Duterte vows to champion gender equality
By Nestor Corrales
08 March 2017

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - President Rodrigo Duterte pays tribute to women all over the world and promises to uphold rights of Filipino women. 

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday vowed to strengthen gender equality in the Philippines as he lauded the contribution of women in the country.

“The Philippines ranks high in the Asia Pacific region and in the world in terms of gender equality. My administration shall strive to maintain this distinction as well as to continue to recognise their invaluable contributions in sports, science, governance, education, public service and the arts,” Duterte said in his International Women’s Day message.

The President said women across the world “have transformed societies by playing the role of mothers, workers, intellectuals, educators, caregivers soldiers, activists, artists and leaders.”

“Indeed, women are heroes,” he said.

He said the Philippines has been fortunate “to be a fertile ground for outstanding women in various sectors.”

“The entire world can look up to women - for their creativity and imagination, for their courage and boldness, for their self-sacrifice and charity,” he said.

Duterte hoped that the International Women’s Day, which commemorates “the milestones of women’s historic struggle for equality across the globe, [spur] everyday awareness and [inspire] change in attitudes in families, communities and the country.”

“Together, we can make change work for women and women can make change for work. May you have a meaningful and engaging celebration,” he said. 


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