6 skin hacks by Zendaya’s facialist, Joomee Song

To get her unique facial glow, despite the demands of her rigorous schedule, here are 6 hacks her facialist Joomee Song swears by,.

Munira Fidai

Munira Fidai

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April 6, 2023

DHAKA – You really have to be living under a rock if you do not know Zendaya. To get her unique facial glow, despite the demands of her rigorous schedule, here are 6 hacks her facialist, Joomee Song swears by, including good cleansing habits, the power of sweating it out, and regular facial massages.

Giving Importance to the jawline

The famous facialist feels that the most important part of the face that needs a massage is along the jawline. The masseter is the strongest muscle in the body in proportion to its weight and it acts as a pathway for the lymphatic drainage system, facial nerves, and capillaries.

Considering that it is used constantly as we chew, talk, and clench, the tightened muscle needs loosening.

Joomee believes that flexibility is important for the masseter to keep the processes beneath the skin working seamlessly. Relaxed, these muscles ease facial tensions and can even relieve headaches and neck pain.

More hands, less tools for the face

Tools like microcurrent devices, facial rollers, and gua shas are effective but nothing beats a finish with your fingers. This is because facial massages are not just about the pressure points but about feeling and easing tensions under the skin.

Fingers have better muscle memory than devices and one is able to understand more by feeling the skin on a daily basis than by using tools on it.

Cleansing matters

The most vital step of your skin regimen is cleansing and when you do it is as important as how you do it. Knowing when to stop is important as overdoing it can be abrasive on the skin.

Joomee recommends the gentlest cleanser that can break down both oil and makeup. For most skin types, this is an oil cleanser. Those with oily skin types can use a cream or a light, balmy cleanser. According to the facial expert, one can actually skip the morning cleanse as the skin creates a healthy oil barrier overnight that you want to retain (unless of course, one has acne).

Balancing muscle-strengthening with muscle-relaxation

Tightening skin through muscle exercises is all the rage now. However, the more stress one adds to the muscles, the more inadequate their lymphatic flow.
According to Joomee, relaxing and easing tensions under the skin is more important than skin-tightening and one might want to look for the side of the face that is more dominantly bulkier and tighter, so as to prevent breakouts and sagginess there.
This balances the alignment of the facial structure and reduces puffiness.

Sweating in the bath

Moving a blocked flow underneath the skin can work wonders for anti-ageing and taking a warm bath or long shower can bring out a youthful glow in the skin. The bath water can be just a little warmer than body temperature so one can work up a sweat. Perspiration creates a protective layer of natural oil on the skin, which is the intention of this technique. Water that is too hot can actually break that shield down so it is best to keep the water temperature mild.

Treating inflammation right

Using the right ingredients on inflamed skin is important for skin health. Skin inflammation can be a product of an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and/or trauma, caused by overdoing skin treatments and unclean skincare products.
Joomee swears by vitamin K and centella asiatica, and even vitamin C. However, she advises caution about using too much vitamin C as one needs only 20 per cent of it a week.

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