A vote for BRS is a vote for BJP: Rahul Gandhi

The Congress MP said this election was between feudal lords and subjects, and pointed out that in Telangana, it was a bipolar election between the Congress and the BRS while the BJP had already lost.


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses during a public rally, in Malugu on October 18, 2023. PHOTO: ANI/ THE STATESMAN

October 19, 2023

NEW DELHI – Stating that a vote to the BRS is, in effect, a vote for BJP, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday alleged that the two parties, along with the AIMIM, were in collusion with each other.

In this context, Rahul Gandhi wondered why there was no case against Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao filed by any of the Central investigative agencies.

The Congress leader was addressing a rally in the tribal-dominated Mulugu district to kick off the election campaign of his party. Earlier, he, along with his sister, AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, visited the Ramappa temple before taking part in a road show.

The Congress MP began by saying this election was between Doralu (feudal lords) and Prajalu (subjects). He pointed out that in Telangana, it was a bipolar election between the Congress and the BRS while the BJP had already lost.

“But remember, BJP wants BRS to win this election,” he said accusing the KCR party of fulfilling every whim of the BJP.

“There is no inquiry of CBI, ED, or Income tax pending against your chief minister. This is the biggest evidence of this collusion. There are inquiries being conducted against every Opposition leader. There are 24 cases against me. They took away my house, I was disqualified from Lok Sabha but there is no case on your chief minister. So, if you vote for BRS, it will be a vote for BJP,” contended Rahul Gandhi.

He further said that the BJP was attacking the Congress across the country because it was an ideological party and there would be no compromise with the BJP. “But they know they can control your chief minister whenever they need something they just tighten (the screws),” he added.

Apart from the six poll guarantees of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi promised to give the tribal festivals of Samakka and Sarakka the status of national festivals on the lines of the Kumbh Mela if his party comes to power at the Centre.

He also promised to restore forest and assigned lands, which belong to the tribal population, to them, which is a crucial issue in the area.

Priyanka Gandhi, who spoke before him, elaborated on the roadmap prepared by the Congress for the development of the state including 18 per cent reservation for the SCs and 12 per cent for STs. She said SC/ST families will get assistance worth Rs 12 lakh.

The BRS had put up posters against Rahul Gandhi in the Mulugu area claiming that he has never spoken for Telangana in Parliament but kept coming back during election season. BRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha even dubbed him “Election Gandhi”.

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