AI has the potential to harm, need safeguards against its misuse: VP Dhankhar

However, vice-president Jagdeep Dhankhar also said that the technology is here to stay, and use the transformative potential of AI while safeguarding against its misuse.


However, vice-president Jagdeep Dhankhar also said that the technology is here to stay, and use the transformative potential of AI while safeguarding against its misuse.

November 17, 2023

NEW DELHI – Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday cautioned the media fraternity of the challenges of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emphasized on the need for safeguarding against its misuse. Speaking at a New Delhi event organised by the Press trust of India on the theme of Media in the Era of Artificial Intelligence on the occasion of National Press Day, Dhankhar said that AI has become an integral part of out daily lives and it has transformed the way we receive and consume news, information, and entertainment.

“AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. At the same time, it has arrived with its own set of challenges and ethical questions, such as the spread of misinformation, deep fakes, creation of echo chambers and micro targeting of information to influence the democratic process and create chaos and instability in the societies. Facing these challenges, the responsibilities of journalists and media professionals have expanded, requiring an even greater commitment to the principles of truth, accuracy, and accountability,” he said.

However, Dhankhar stated that though AI has the potential to harm, we must acknowledge that this technology is here to stay and we must adapt to the changing landscape, employing the transformative potential of AI as a tool to improve our capabilities, while also safeguarding against its misuse.

Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur extended his warm wishes to the media fraternity on the occasion of National Press Day. Speaking at the event, the minister said that today was a day of reaffirmation of our collective commitment to responsible journalism.

He said that as Bharat was poised to become the third largest economy in just a few years from now, he looked forward to the media playing an increasingly constructive role in not only in highlighting the story of transforming India, but also the hopes, aspirations of a billion voices from across various regions and sectors.

Highlighting the significance of the day, Thakur said that National Press Day honors the tireless commitment of journalists dedicated to strengthening our democracy.

He said, “We stand at a crucial point in history, witnessing rapid global evolution driven by advancing technology. The digital age has ushered in a new era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly used to produce news content. While AI undoubtedly adds a new dimension to news reporting, it is crucial to recognize its limitations.”

The Minister cautioned the media that has entered the era of artificial intelligence along with many other professions, and said that we live in a world where misinformation can be amplified with the click of a button. Our government encourages the media to adopt a discerning approach, avoiding the pitfalls of sensationalism and steering clear of narratives that may harm the fabric of our society. He stressed that the Indian media must safeguard the interests of our nation and avoid providing space to anti-India views that can threaten the unity and integrity we hold dear.

Also speaking on the occasion, Union Minister of State Dr L Murugan commended the role of Press Council of India in ensuring that press plays a role in nation service by ensuring that a free and responsible press adheres to norms of journalistic ethics and standards.

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