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Taiwan: 720,000 people registered for purchasing face masks online

Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Friday announced that more than 722,000 people — 600,000 using the NHI app and 122,000 more using the Emask system — had successfully registered for purchasing face masks as of 1 p.


Seoul stocks sink, trigger first circuit breaker for 5 min in 8 years 

The Kospi plummeted more than 5 per cent during Thursday trading, which triggered the stock exchange to temporarily halt trading on Korea’s main bourse, as investor sentiments weighed on the coronavirus pandemic.


OPINION :Why Taiwan is an oasis in the virus outbreak

Taiwan seems to be the eye of the storm: a relatively safe space of 29 active cases in the heart of Eastern Asia where the coronavirus both started and continues to infect close to 90,000 people.


Over 3,000 institutions providing telemedicine for quarantined: NHIA

More than 3,000 medical institutions in Taiwan offer telemedicine for people in isolation as part of the country’s COVID-19 response measures.


15 Korean pharmas, 4 state institutes research coronavirus

South Korea’s state-run research institutes and pharmaceutical firms are working hard to find a cure for the new coronavirus.


Pakistan ranked least internet inclusive country in South Asia: report

Inclusive Internet Index ranks countries on availability, affordability and people’s readiness to use the web.

29 COVID-19 deaths: breakdown

Patients in Daegu die waiting for hospital beds.


Shincheonji founder Lee Man-hee tested for coronavirus

The founder of a religious sect at the center of a coronavirus outbreak in South Korea underwent testing Saturday for the new virus The founder of a religious sect at the center of a coronavirus outbreak in South Korea underwent testing Saturday for the new virus, reports said Sunday.


South Korea’s key industries hit hard by Covid-19

South Korea’s major industries – including electronics, automobiles, retail and oil refining – are on high alert due to a surge in Covid-19 cases here, as well as the market slowdown in China, the nation’s biggest export destination.

Map shows latest tally of Covid-19 cases in Taiwan, Taipei tops list

 After Taiwan reported its first confirmed cases, health authorities finally released on Monday the latest tally of Covid-19 cases in each administrative region, with Taipei being the highest.


Russia bars entry of Taiwanese nationals: IATA

According to a notice published on Thursday Taiwanese passport holders are not allowed to enter Russia anymore.


Taiwan set to begin Diamond Princess evacuation Friday

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA, 外交部) told a news conference, that Taiwan could bring home its nationals from the virus-struck Diamond Princess cruise ship as early as Friday (Feb.


Seoul sends presidential jet to evacuate South Koreans from cruise ship in Japan

A South Korean government jet left Tuesday to evacuate South Koreans aboard the coronavirus-stricken cruise ship in Japan, amid concerns of rapidly rising cases of Covid-19 onboard.


OPINION: Quarantined in China

With the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in full bloom, a Pakistani student in Beijing describes the daily routine for students on campus, hoping to dispel some of the anxiety being fuelled by news reports.


Turkish President Erdogan meets PM Imran, President Alvi upon arrival in Pakistan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Islamabad on Thursday on a two-day trip aimed at strengthening bilateral strategic partnership and economic ties.


Taiwan to inject US$1.9 billion into economy amid Covid-19 outbreak

Su Tseng-chang, Taiwan’s Prime Minister  ordered cabinet to allocate US$1.


Taiwan to inject US$1.9 billion into economy amid Covid-19 outbreak

Su Tseng-chang, Taiwan’s Prime Minister  ordered cabinet to allocate US$1.


Unpacked: Samsung brings 5G, AI, foldable to 2020 Galaxy lineup

By unveiling an enhanced Galaxy S smartphone lineup and a new foldable form factor in San Francisco on Tuesday, Samsung Electronics has reset the tone for the upcoming decade in the mobile world with catchphrases “5G, AI and foldable”.


‘Parasite’ makes Oscars history with four wins

Winning four awards at the Oscars on Sunday, including the coveted award for best picture, South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho made history with his feature film “Parasite”.


OPINION: Can Pakistan’s mountain communities protect themselves against melting glaciers?

Climate change is triggering glacial melt in Pakistan and resulting in glacial lake outburst floods.


Hyundai, Kia suspend some production lines amid coronavirus-triggered crunch

 Due to shortages of parts from China amid the spreading coronavirus outbreak, Hyundai Motor Co.


Face mask shortage prompts government action in South Korea

With face masks running out fast amid the coronavirus outbreak, the government is cracking down on hoarding and illicit trading of hygiene goods in high demand.


Overseas South Koreans report discrimination on corona virus panic

As fears of the new coronavirus spread around the world, so do racist attacks and stereotypes targeting people of Asian descent, with many South Koreans overseas reporting having experienced discrimination.


We did something meaningful: Taiwan epidemic centre head

It was a long and emotional morning for the head of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) as hundreds of Taiwan nationals arrived last night from Wuhan, central China.


Wuhan coronavirus fear sends Taiwan into mask overdrive

Taiwan people still scramble to make sense of this new epidemic that brought vile memories of SARS back to life.


Moon shows confidence in Wuhan evacuation

First batch of South Koreans to arrive, stay in state-run quarantine centers.


North Korea on high alert to contain Wuhan coronavirus

As the deadly respiratory virus that originated in China continues to spread across Asia and the world, North Korea is on high alert to contain the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus and is stepping up quarantine efforts.


Is polarisation driven by Hyper Information Disorder Syndrome?

In a study of Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Poland, Turkey and the US, writes ANDREW SHENG, scientists attribute populism to the rise of decisive leaders who push nationalism, demonise opponents and stir up issues that further divide societies.

Diplomacy, Opinion

Coming challenges call for stronger Korea-ASEAN ties

President Moon Jae-in contributed this article to The Korea Herald and Asia News Network member newspapers on the occasion of the 2019 ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

US Senate passes ‘Taipei Act 2019’

Taipei has come under increasing pressure from China in recent months.


Taiwan offers HK murder suspect ‘contact channel’ to expedite return

The extradition question launched a whole series of protests in Hong Kong.

Headline-1, Politics

Hong Kong march spirals into chaos, again

Violence begets violence as more protests hits Hong Kong on the weekend.

Hong Kong: The Ironies of Democracy and Freedom

Democracy and freedom begin with self-discipline which, within law and order, protects your own rights as well as the rights of others, writes Andrew Sheng.

What’s happening with India’s auto sector crisis?

India’s auto industry slowdown has become the single biggest economic headache for the Narendra Modi administration.

Current affairs

Asian Editor’s Circle | Can Japan become foreign workers’ country of choice?

It is unclear whether or not Japan will be able to secure enough foreign workers to sustain the Japanese economy in the future.

Analysis, Headline-2, Politics

Securing the future of quality journalism

Credible content that audiences value and new sources of revenue needed to sustain newsrooms.

Analysis, Economics, Headline-2

South Korea and Japan have more in common than they think

Republished with permission for Asia News Network members by The Brookings Institution.

Analysis, Economics, Headline-1

Can Global Exchanges work?

Andrew Sheng for Asia News Network.


Asian Editors Circle: Kim and Trump: A dangerous bromance

Self-touted good relationship between the two meaningless without denuclearisation.

Opinion, Politics

When Jakarta is hit by inconvenience: The capital’s grand blackout

Indonesians are waking up to far-flung grievances.

Analysis, Opinion

Dollars and Sense

Andrew Sheng for Asia News Network.

Analysis, Culture and society

“Praise Freedom” is the new Press Freedom

In the era of Alternative Facts who needs the truth.

Business, Headline-2

Alibaba rolls out welcome mat to US businesses

The move seems to be designed to curb Amazon’s increasing influence.

Diplomacy, Politics

Pro-independence group forms political party in Taiwan

The move will unlikely improve cross strait relations.


Washington approves sale of tanks, missiles to Taiwan

The sales will not include fighter jets requested by Taiwan.

Diplomacy, Opinion

Forging community ties, one friendly gesture at a time

Straits Times Editor in Chief Warren Fernandez writes for ANN’s editor’s circle.

Analysis, Opinion

After the protests, what next? A debate on liberalism

Andrew Sheng writes exclusively for the Asia News Network.

Headline-1, Politics

Hong Kong protests rattle Taiwan’s political scene

Hong Kong’s protest has caused significant changes politically in Taiwan.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Solomon Islands to decide: Taiwan or China?

Taiwan has come under pressure as Beijing pressures allies to drop diplomatic relations.

Analysis, Diplomacy

Protest shows Hong Kong’s lack of confidence in Chinese law

A Taiwanese trade official said pro-democracy protest shows lack of trust between the two peoples.

Analysis, Headline-1

A newsroom conversation about the Sri Lanka attacks

From the Newsroom: The Sri Lanka Attacks.

Diplomacy, Politics

Taiwan expresses regret over sentencing of H.K. democracy activists

The activists were sentenced to prison for organizing and participating in pro-democracy protests.

Analysis, Politics

A FAQ on Indian Elections

Asia News Network’s Ishan Joshi takes a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the Indian election.

Analysis, Politics

India-Pakistan escalation gives edge to Modi in re-election bid

We take a look at the factors that will influence the upcoming Indian elections.

Current affairs, Headline-2

STATEMENT: Asia News Network condemns arrest of Rappler’s Maria Ressa

Ressa was arrested by the Philippines government for libel.

Current affairs, Economics

Cash handouts a precursor universal basic income in India?

Is universal basic income around the corner in India.

Headline-2, Politics

Priyanka Gandhi formally joins politics ahead of India elections

Priyanka Gandhi is from the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty that has given India three prime ministers, including Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister.

Culture and society, Headline-1

ANN Person of the Year countdown

The Asia News Network person of the year will be revealed on Friday, December 29, 2018 with the runner up and other finalists already revealed.

Business, Current affairs, Headline-1

No wonder drug to help Taiwan in U.S.-China trade war

Taiwan must be set to weather the effects of the US-China trade war says its Finance Minister.


Congress bounces back as Modi’s BJP suffers big losses in state polls

The ruling party loses ground as opposition popularity rises.

Analysis, Diplomacy

Did China Cast Shadow on Taiwan’s local election?

China’s influence was apparent as the ruling party lost significant seats.


Help Change the Narrative of Sexual Violence: Cindy Bishop

The host of Asia’s Next Top Model and feminist activist speaks about using video to spark important dialogues, and how social change starts with each of us.


Najib says Goldman, lawyers, auditors share blame on 1MDB mess

The former Prime Minister added that businessman Jho Low cheated the country out of billions.


China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Debt trap or hope?

Asia News Network commentators weigh the pros and cons of working with China on its Belt and Road Initiative.


Date set for Bangladesh elections

Bangladesh will hold a parliamentary election on December 23 despite the failure of political parties to resolve major contentious issues over the polls.


Bangladesh’s drift toward digital absolutism

The new Digital Security Law will affect not just journalists and activists but all active users of the Internet in Bangladesh.

Diplomacy, Politics

El Salvador ups pressure on Taiwan relations

Prosecutors in El Salvador to investigate the alleged graft of some $10 million in funds donated by Taiwan.


Which Asian countries are the most innovative?

Singapore, South Korea and Japan are the most innovative countries in Asia.


Kim, Trump and the nuclear crisis: A conundrum eternal?

Kim should seize the opportunity to end nuclear crisis, engage with the world, writes Chon Shi-yong.


Why Crazy Rich Asians matters for all Asians, not just Asian Americans

Actor and Filmmaker James Tang takes a look at the negative criticisms of Crazy Rich Asians from around Asia and says you’re all missing the point.

Analysis, Economics

Responsible private enterprise key to sustained economic and social progress in Asean

Economic success has lifted nearly a billion people out of poverty in Asia, still, four Asia-Pacific countries are classified as low income.


Tehran: Trump must rejoin nuclear deal before possibility of talks

For any talks between President Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani to happen, the US must rejoin the Iran nuclear deal.

Diplomacy, Politics

Pakistan placed on terror-funding grey list

Pakistan has been placed under a watch list for not doing enough to stop terror financing.

Diplomacy, News

Recap: Trump – Kim Summit

Many firsts, as historic summit between the leaders of North Korea and the United States takes place.


Easter as a time of remembrance

Andrew Sheng reflects on the state of the world in time for the holidays.


“Weaponisation of the law in the name of democracy”

Kingsley Abbott, International Commission of Jurists senior adviser, spoke at Asia News Network’s conference on elections and democracy.


Tailwinds and Headwinds into 2018

Andrew Sheng of the Asia Global Institute looks at the year ahead for Asian economies.


Rule of Law in Asia

ANN partner Dataleads takes a close look at the state of the Rule of Law in Asia.


Thriving in a disrupted world

The world suddenly stands at the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with technological advancement in the digital, physical and biological worlds bringing change at unprecedented speed and disrupting everything – business, politics and society at large.