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The Kathmandu Post was Nepal’s first privately owned English broadsheet daily and is currently the country's leading English-language newspaper.


OPINION: Can India’s Hindus and Muslims ever live together?

 It’s tempting to believe that India has been communalised beyond repair.


As Covid-19 spreads, public health officials consider plans for a worst-case scenario

 Department of Health Services has a Plan B for a few infections but its Plan C envisions shutting down all schools, public transport and gatherings in case of a mass outbreak.


EDITORIAL: Ludicrous and frivolous

Don’t make a mockery of the process of constitutional amendment.


OPINION: Neo-abolitionism of prostitution, it works

Sweden seems to have uncovered an excellent approach—a pioneering law has made selling sex legal but buying illegal.


Journalists and diplomats seriously concerned over Chinese embassy statement

The Chinese embassy’s statement objecting to an article published by the Post is against press freedom and breaches diplomatic protocol, they say.


EDITORIAL: Women are discriminated against in the workplace

 New and expectant mothers deserve all the help they can get.


Climate change to cause frequent landslides in the Himalayan region, including Nepal, says NASA

According to its study, there will be a 30-70 per cent rise in the frequency of landslides in the border regions of China and Nepal that would pose threats to the region’s infrastructure and communities living downstream.


Aam Aadmi’s resounding win in Delhi could be a lesson for Nepal’s alternative political forces

AAP’s win has been attributed to connecting with the people at the grassroots, which Nepal’s alternative forces have failed to do, political analysts say.


Nepal’s hospitals have no ICUs to treat coronavirus patients, doctors say

The government plans to place any coronavirus patients in public hospitals, but these hospitals have few ICU beds that are almost always occupied.


Government to send a plane on Saturday to evacuate Nepalis stranded in Wuhan

Cabinet to finalise plan today to send in a 274-seater A330 to rescue citizens from the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.


FEATURE: C Raja Mohan: South Asia is more concerned with ideology than practicality

According to Raja Mohan, India’s foreign policy has been largely about four broad concerns – the neighbourhood, the expanded neighbourhood, the international system that is changing fundamentally, and the great power relations.


South Korea requests Nepal to reschedule flights of workers showing symptoms of coronavirus

Every week, dozens of migrant workers from Nepal leave for South Korea, where over a dozen cases of coronavirus have been reported.


Government focuses on Nepalis in Hubei, but travellers from rest of China are neither screened nor quarantined

Three health workers screening hundreds of passengers at TIA is a tough ask, chief doctor says.


OPINION: In the epicentre

 We can’t have read this much news in our entire lives, but we are scared because, you never know, the virus might find a host in one of us.


OPINION: India 2020: the endgame begins

With the government turning its citizens against each other, the world’s largest democracy is fast losing its legitimacy as a secular republic.


OPINION: Visit Nepal 2020 could be the biggest embarrassment for this government

 The campaign target should be revised in view of the coronavirus outbreak and a certain drop in arrivals.


Terror suspects arrested in India say they were using Nepal as a base but security agencies are clueless

The revelation by three suspected ISIS operatives arrested in Delhi displays an intelligence failure on the part of Nepal’s security agencies.


OPINION: Mockery of press freedom

The year 2019 saw more incidents related to press freedom violation than in the past seven years, according to a report of Freedom Forum Nepal.

Analysis, Culture and society

Nepal moves up in Human Development Index but still lags behind in South Asia

Nepal’s human development index of 0,579 indicates that people are living longer, are more educated and have greater incomes, according to the Human Development Report.

Current affairs

SAARC turns 35 but has very little to show for its age

The regional bloc of seven South Asian countries and Afghanistan has largely been held hostage to the rivalry between India and Pakistan, say analysts.

Headline-1, Politics

New parties face drubbing in by-elections as Nepalis continue to vote along party lines

“They failed to convince the voters as to what they would bring to the table if they were given a chance”.

Culture and society

Women in rural Nepal still ashamed of reproductive health issues

Most of these women are suffering from diseases related to uterus and many of them have physical injuries from domestic abuse meted out to them.

Business, Economics

Nepal’s luxury hotels are growing but the rooms are empty

There are 15 five-star hotels in the country, and a dozen more are being planned even as existing hotels continue to report a significant drop in profit.

Culture and society, Opinion

Nepal hasn’t been able to adapt to a changing world

Think tanks can play a significant role in helping countries like Nepal deal with the changes.

Diplomacy, Economics

India should have signed up for RCEP

India has decided to put a halt on its joining the largest planned free trade area.

Analysis, Culture and society

The government has undermined education

A core value for a country to develop, the federal govenrment must make amends.


New Delhi responds to uproar in Nepal over new political map, says it is “accurate”

Raveesh Kumar, spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs, says the map has not revised the boundary and that it accurately depicts India’s sovereign territory.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

Nepal government comments on controversial Indian map but takes no firm position

In a press statement, the Foreign Ministry refers to media reports and commentary before asserting that the matter would be resolved diplomatically.

Culture and society

Nirmal Purja makes history by climbing all 14 peaks above 8,000 meters in 190 days

Shishapangma, at 8,027m, in China was the last among the world’s 14 eight-thousanders in Purja’s list.

Culture and society

Artists decry the growing tendency to arrest musicians for their lyrical content as autocratic censorship

In the wake of singer Durgesh Thapa and rapper VTEN’s arrest, Nepali artists say that the police’s actions are alarming and people need to resist them.

Diplomacy, Economics

Bangladesh keen on funding 20 hydropower projects in Nepal

Nepal also asked Bangladesh to allow the export of local cardamom, yarn and broom grass (amriso) without any hurdles during the first day of trade talks.

Culture and society, Economics

Nepal needs development, but not by coercion

Reimagining Nepal and developing it warrants a broad outlook that listens to its people and shows regard for their displeasure.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

Nepal and China sign and exchange 20 agreements

Chinese President Xi Jinping returns after concluding his two-day state visit to Nepal.

Headline-2, Politics

Why the rape charges against Nepal’s former House Speaker is a litmus test for police, the ruling party and government

Although Krishna Bahadur Mahara has tendered his resignation, the government and ruling party have yet to take a concrete position while the police still haven’t pursued a criminal case.

Culture and society

Bringing South Asians together, through translations

The DSC Prize longlist reflects the coming-of-age of South Asian literature.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

China does not export its ideology, says Chinese ambassador in response to criticism

A two-day training programme in Kathmandu led by the Communist Party of China on Xi Jinping Thought had drawn criticism from various quarters.

Culture and society, Headline-2

Police is failing rape victims, new human rights commission report says

Nepal’s criminal justice system continues to make access to justice complicated and challenging for victims of rape, according to the report.

Culture and society, Headline-1

Hey men, women don’t want to be told to be like a woman

Nepali women still grapple with sexist language and expressions that most men easily dismiss.


US Embassy seeks clarification after Beijing says Nepal ‘disapproves’ of Indo-Pacific Strategy

Nepal is seen as a key part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Analysis, Economics

Nepal feels the heat of the cooling Indian economy

While there is a legitimate fear of the slowing growth having trickle-down effects, Nepal may benefit in the short term.

Analysis, Environment

Concerns grow over dengue spread, but government is too slow to act

State agencies are just gearing up for meetings to chart out strategies to combat the disease.

Curiosity, Environment, Headline-1

Here’s how you can protect yourself from dengue

With the possibility of an outbreak, it’s important to understand the disease and recognise its symptoms.


Editorial: Draconian measures in Jammu & Kashmir

India must treat Kashmiris like its own citizens the way it claims and not alienate them any longer.

Diplomacy, Headline-1, Opinion

Spy on thy neighbours

Nepal’s geostrategic position makes it the perfect place for clandestine diplomatic consultations.

Culture and society

Human traffickers are now waiting to cross India – Nepal border

Despite decades of surveillance and awareness programmes, hundreds of women continue to be trafficked across the open Nepal-India border every year.

Culture and society, Environment

Unprecedented rhino deaths in Chitwan National Park raise alarm

46 rhinos died last year, the highest ever mortality rate due to natural causes in a year.

Culture and society, Curiosity

Plastic straws are slowly being replaced in Kathmandu’s restaurants

Following global concern, a few restaurants in Kathmandu are consciously limiting their use of plastic straws by switching to sustainable alternatives.


Despite global climate extremes, why is climate action so slow?

Denying, normalising or downplaying climate change impacts in our personal lives often leads to climate inaction.

Culture and society

Yak herding is vanishing in Upper Mustang. So are the yaks.

Amid geopolitical concerns, a changing climate and the increasing intrusion of the modern world, young nomads are abandoning their traditional way of life.

Culture and society

Marvel at these superheroes’ Nepali makeover

Sunny Shakya explores his inner child with his exhibition ‘Toygraphy’.

Culture and society

On escaping child marriage in Nepal

She escaped child marriage, now she is helping others do the same.

Current affairs, Politics

The transformation of Gokul Baskota

How Nepal’s communications minister went from being a fierce reporter to a hardline politician against free press.

Culture and society

Nepali meme pages promote racism and misogyny

The online sphere has become toxic in Nepal.

Diplomacy, Politics

Nepal Prime Minister’s speech in UK is filled with irony

Nepal’s prime minister celebrated democratic freedoms in his UK speech but it contradicts what he’s doing at home.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Nepal needs to ensure quality healthcare

Nepal will struggle to achieve SDGs and universal health coverage without ensuring quality health care, experts say.

Culture and society, Current affairs

The real reason people are dying on Everest

The man who’s climbed Everest 24 times says traffic jams aren’t killing climbers, inexperienced guides are.

Current affairs, Politics

Four killed and three injured in Nepalese blasts

Series of blasts reminiscent of Maoist insurgency days.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Eight deaths on Everest, the most in four years

As climbing season draws to a close, Everest experiences its most deaths in four years.

Culture and society, Headline-1

Kami Rita Sherpa climbs Everest for the 23rd time

Sherpa breaks his own record and is untouched as the man who has summited Everest the most number of times.

Business, Culture and society, Headline-1

Nepal’s tea estate employees say enough is enough, begin indefinite strike

A special report by Tsering D Gurung looks at conditions for tea workers in Nepal.

Business, Economics

Nepal looks to end India dependency for overseas shipping

Much needs to be done before Nepal can end its complete dependency on India for third-country trade.

Current affairs

Nepalese air crash was under an inexperienced co-pilot’s command

Authorities at the regulatory body said the pilot may have allowed the co-pilot to take off because there were no passengers on board.

Culture and society, Current affairs, Headline-2

Nepal bans popular online game

Police has said it will arrest anyone who is found playing the game after the district court allowed to implement a ban on Wednesday.

Current affairs

Opium farming goes unchecked, difficult to locate plantation sites

Nepalese farmers are finding new ways to combat inspections.

Current affairs

The biggest gold smuggling racket in Nepal

Everything you need to know about the biggest gold smuggling racket in Nepal.

Culture and society, Current affairs, Headline-2

Feature: Nepali park officials tortured a man to death, WWF turns blind eye

An investigation by The Kathmandu Post, in partnership with BuzzFeed News, shows that the World Wide Fund for Nature continues to ignore violations of human rights inside Nepal’s conservations areas.

Current affairs, Politics

Communist Party of Nepal owns up to blast and arsons

Its leader says intention was to warn Ncell, not to harm members of public and that the party ‘apologises for the loss of life’.

Analysis, Business

International medical assistance company threatens Nepal

A Post investigation shows Australia-based Traveller Assist used the helicopter rescue scam to market itself as the sole representative of global insurance firms.

Culture and society, Headline-2

Period hut women fear cold nights in Nepal

Cold winter nights add to the trauma of women banished to period huts.

Current affairs, Environment

Nepal to draft laws to address climate change

The government is currently working on a total of eight laws that would either be formulated or be considered for amendment.

Current affairs

Myriad factors Nepalese hamper probe into offshore investment, money laundering

Businessmen exploiting legal loopholes while channelising illicit cash into the country.


Nepal should raise Rohingya issue with Suu Kyi: Rights groups

Suu Kyi visit to Nepal is perfect opportunity to stand up for human rights argues rights groups.

Analysis, Curiosity

Publicity stunt overshadows Nepal government’s social security policy

Nepal’s new social security scheme—a campaign that marketing analysts said was worth millions of rupees – was overshadowed by a government publicity stunt.


Infighting and fissures disrupt Nepal’s ruling party

The Prime Minister has been accused by his party members of limiting his leadership to a small faction, failing to govern efficiently, and displaying authoritarian tendencies.

Economics, News

BIMSTEC leaders say committed to enhancing connectivity

Leaders from the seven-nation regional grouping emphasise importance of exploring multiple avenues of connectivity, ranging from physical to digital platforms.


Wrong prescription

The Nepalese Prime Minister’s stated goal is to ensure prosperity to all, but a medical bill will profiteer only a tiny section.


Nepal hails rail pact with China

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has hailed the pact on railway connectivity with China.

Opinion, Politics

When it comes to foreign policy, Nepal should look beyond just India and China

Jun 15, 2018-Nepal’s foreign policy under Prime Minister  KP Oli has been a matter of serious discussion in the public domain.

Analysis, Curiosity

A war the world must win

The fight for the 21st century is not a fight against extremism, poverty or paradigms but a fight against plastic.

Diplomacy, Economics

Nepal looks to China for infrastructure support

The Nepalese prime minister will have a sizable shopping list to pursue when he visits China for an official state visit later this month.

Opinion, Politics

Can three be company for Nepal?

Nepal can unleash the Greater Himalayan Region’s true potential only if it adopts trilateralism.

Diplomacy, Opinion

Three is company

Nepal can unleash the Greater Himalayan Region’s true potential only if it adopts tri-lateralism.