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Cambodia goes to the polls on July 29

Cambodians will go to the polls on Sunday (July 29) to choose their next leader in an election few believe to be fair.

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Southeast Asia’s boating accidents

From a ferry disaster near Sulawesi to a tragic accident on Myanmar’s Chindwin River, here are some of Southeast Asia’s boating tragedies.

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Indonesian President Jokowi reveals three names on list of potential running mates

Mahfud MD, Airlangga Hartarto and Muhammad Zainul Majdi are among five being considered.


Filipinos believe government should do more to curb Chinese intrusion

Social Weather Station survey finds that 81 per cent of Filipinos say something must be done about China’s intrusion into disputed territories.


Former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar to contest PKR presidency

Pardoned in May, the de facto leader of PKR hopes to become the political party’s president at its upcoming polls.

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What impact could a US-China trade war have on Southeast Asia?

After many twists, turns and threats, the first shots of a United States-China trade war have been fired.

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Campaigning begins in Cambodia as election looms

Cambodian political parties begin their campaigns for election on July 29.

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Smart solutions can help Southeast Asian cities solve urban challenges

Smart solutions can help Asean cities improve quality-of-life indicators by 10 to 30 per cent.

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Three years after 1MDB scandal broke, Malaysia’s ex-PM faces the music

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust and one count of abuse of power.

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After a bruising defeat, Malaysia’s Umno opts to maintain status quo

Malaysia’s former Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is elected as the 8th president of Umno.


Indonesia regional elections: A promising sign for Jokowi?

Indonesians went to the polls on Wednesday in the country’s 2018 regional elections, widely viewed as a barometer for the presidential election due next year.

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Singapore-Malaysia water agreement: Malaysia’s new PM raises old issue

A little over a month into Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s premiership, a decades-old dispute between Malaysia and its neighbour Singapore has reared its head once again.

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Southeast Asia’s tech startups

Five of ASEAN’s most successful tech startups.


A survey of Cambodian political parties

20 political parties will be participating in Cambodia’s rapidly approaching national election, far more than the eight that contested in the last election in 2013.

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Top universities in Asia 2018

Want to study in Asia? Here are the top seven universities according to Times Higher Education.

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Is Malaysia looking east once again?

Prime Minister Mahathir asks for soft loans from Japan to help settle Malaysia’s debt.


Controversial economic zones law sparks anti-China protests in Vietnam

Vietnamese protest against a proposed law which allows foreign investors to lease land for up to 99 years in three special economic zones (SEZs).


Death of pilot whale in Thailand underscores need to tackle ocean pollution

A little over a year after news of a whale’s death in Norway due to plastic waste made headlines, Thailand received its own ailing ocean visitor.

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Vietnam: A Southeast Asian success story

Several decades ago, Vietnam was a war-torn Communist country struggling to get back on its feet.


Malaysia’s new Cabinet: who are they?

Less than two weeks after Pakatan Harapan toppled the coalition that had ruled Malaysia for more than 60 years, the country has a new Cabinet.


Press freedom under threat in Cambodia

With the sale of Cambodia’s last independent newspaper to a Malaysian investor linked to Prime Minister Hun Sen, concerns are beginning to mount about the state of press freedom in the kingdom.


Anwar Ibrahim is free at last

After years behind bars, popular Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim is free.


Approval and infighting after Mahathir names three Cabinet members

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s choices of three key Cabinet members, revealed on Saturday (May 12), have won the approval of some observers while triggering discontent among some members of the ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition.


Malaysia gets its 7th Prime Minister

After much confusion, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was officially sworn in as the country’s 7th prime minister on Thursday night (May 10).

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Preview: Malaysia’s 14th General Election

Key people and issues on the campaign trail ahead of Malaysia’s general election.


Popular tourist destination Boracay closes for clean-up

The Philippine’s popular holiday destination Boracay was officially closed to tourists at midnight on Thursday, marking the beginning of a six-month clean-up.


Nawawi Ahmad to battle former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad for Langkawi seat

Malaysia’s ruling Barisan Nasional coalition has named Incumbent MP Nawawi Ahmad as its candidate to battle former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad for the Langkawi seat in the upcoming general election.

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Early diagnosis and targeted mass drug administration key to reducing incidence of Malaria

Scientists may have found a way to eliminate potentially untreatable P falciparum malaria – the deadliest malaria parasite – in South-East Asia, according to a ground-breaking new study.


Rohingya crisis a tough issue for Asean

Indonesian and Malaysian representatives of the Asean Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) have urged Asean members to step up measures to establish peace and rule of law.


Southeast Asia continues fight against terrorism

Thai Deputy Prime Minister Prawit admitted on Wednesday (April 19) that terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria could attempt to set up a branch in Thailand, The Nation reported.


A bomoh and an ex-beauty queen? Two potential candidates in Malaysia’s upcoming election

A bomoh and an ex-beauty queen may be candidates in Malaysia’s 14th general election.


Monsoon season spells trouble for Rohingya refugees

Having fled stomach-turning violence in Myanmar’s northern state of Rakhine, the lives of the Rohingya refugees may soon be threatened by the monsoon season.


Southeast Asia celebrates Songkran

Thousands of tourists and locals across the region took to the streets last week to celebrate the Buddhist New Year.


Malaysia’s General Election: What are Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan promising voters?

Parliament has been dissolved and preparations are well underway for Malaysia’s 14th General Election slated for Wednesday May 9.


Malaysia’s 14th general election to be held on May 9

Malaysians will cast their votes on May 9 in the country’s 14th General Election, the Election Commission announced on Tuesday (April 10), according to The Star.


The Future Forward Party: Thailand’s “new hope”?

As Thailand awaits a general election tentatively scheduled for next February, one new party in particular is turning heads.


Ahok: The rise and fall of Jakarta’s first ethnic Chinese governor

Belitung-born Basuki Tjahaja Purnama rocketed to prominence as Jakarta’s first Governor of ethnic Chinese descent.

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E-sports here to stay in Asia

Despite a lack of acceptance by older generations, the competitive video game arena is more popular than ever and worth an estimated$900 million US.

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Singapore leads ASEAN in climate change initiatives

Singapore, ASEAN chairman for the year, is leading the way in fighting back against climate change.


Profile: Leila de Lima

Leila de Lima, Philippines senator heralded by international observers and prosecuted by her own government for drug charges.


Profile: Win Myint

Win Myint, Suu Kyi ally and new president of Myanmar.

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Malaysia’s redrawing of election map raises accusation of gerrymandering

Malaysía’s recently revealed electoral map has critics accusing the ruling party of drawing voting lines to increase its chances in the next election.

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Asia takes steps to combat fake news

Malaysia’s new fake news bill is not the first attempt by Asian countries to tackle the fake news problem.


Malaysia tables sweeping fake news bill

Malaysia tabled an anti-fake news bill at the Dewan Rakyat or lower house of Parliament on Monday, March 26.

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Country Profile: Timor Leste

Southeast Asia’s newest country has made significant strides in its short history but acceptance by its neighbours remain fleeting.


Phnom Penh Post denies shutting down rumours

The CEO of ANN partner the Phnom Penh Post has denied rumours that the newspaper was on the verge of shutting down due to a massive government tax bill.

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Three films that helped put Asia on the production map

Asia is quickly becoming the choice du jour for Hollywood filmmakers looking for exotic locales and cheaper production costs.

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Will Indonesia’s next election be another two horse race?

With Indonesia due to hold presidential elections in 2019, ANN looks at the two main candidates ahead of the vote.


Malaysia to dissolve parliament by month’s end

The guessing game over the dates on which the Malaysian Parliament will be dissolved is as good as over.


Malaysia’s election battlegrounds

With time rapidly ticking away before the Malaysian Parliament’s term expires on June 24, the battle to woo voters ahead of the country’s 14th General Election continues.

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Four of Asia’s deadliest volcanoes

A string of volcanic eruptions around the Pacific rim gives us the opportunity to look back at the deadliest volcanic events in modern Asian history.


A history of high level talks between North and South Korea

The return of South Korean envoys from Pyongyang is just the latest attempt at direct diplomacy between the estranged neighbours.

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1mdb fund to shut down

Troubled sovereign wealth fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) will be shut down once it has paid all its debts.

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Malaysia’s political parties

A look at Malaysia’s political parties ahead of general elections later this year.


Singapore’s new budget addresses short term concerns

In addition to measures to ease short-term concerns, much of Singapore’s 2018 budget was dedicated to positioning the country for the future.


Najib Razak: Malaysia’s prodigal son

According to analysts and despite a tumultuous few years, Najib Razak looks likely to win in the upcoming general election.


Who will lead Singapore next?

As Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong prepares to step down after the next general election, due to be held by 2021, the thorny issue of leadership succession remains.


Background: Chinese New Years

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, preparations for China’s most important annual festival are in full swing across the country.

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Pyeongchang Olympics the latest use of sports as diplomacy tool

The much talked about joint Korean women’s hockey team made its Olympic debut on Saturday (Feb 10), the latest attempt in Asia at using sports as a diplomatic tool.


Asia stocks slow to rebound following Wall Street gains

The rebound in Asian markets stalled on Wednesday (Feb 7), with several indexes in the region finishing the session in negative territory.

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Malaysia debate religious conversion law

The Malaysian government’s recent announcement that it may reintroduce a clause preventing the conversion of children to Islam by one parent has sparked debate in the country.

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5 sovereign wealth funds to keep an eye on in Asia

In recent years, sovereign wealth funds have made headlines for a variety of reasons.


Hun Sen: A 20th Century Strongman in the 21st Century

Voted into power in 1985, Hun Sen helped rebuild Cambodia after the brutal Khmer Rouge regime forced the country to its knees, leaving an estimated two million dead.

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Mahathir – The Comeback Kid?

Over a decade after stepping down, Malaysia’s longest serving Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is back in politics – hand-in-hand with a former rival and at the head of the opposition.