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EDITORIAL: Rigged for China?

 According to sources it appears that a Chinese firm had been “favoured from the beginning”, in the selection process for a flagship project of the Duterte administration, for US$10 billion Sangley Point International Airport in Cavite.


Virus scare to cut Asia’s growth

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) economies across Asia would likely grow at a slower pace during the first quarter.


Metro commuters lost 257 hours to traffic last year in Manila

According to the ninth edition of the annual TomTom Traffic Index, which was released on Wednesday, Manila (referring to the metropolis) is second only to the Indian city of Bengaluru in extra time spent in traffic.


EDITORIAL: Lowest GDP since 2011

The 3-month election ban ahead of the midterm polls in May last year is another reason cited by the government for the curtailed government spending on public works.


2019 a ‘tumultuous’ year for democracies in Asia: Report

A report from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has shown that democracy in Asia was “tumultuous” in 2019 as protests in Hong Kong escalated while China’s alleged discrimination against minorities intensified.

Trump invites Asean leaders, including Duterte, to summit in US

Donald Trump, the US President has invited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and 11 other leaders of the Asean to a summit to be held in Las Vegas in March.

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7 of 10 Filipinos worried by presence of Chinese workers

China has increased its presence in the archipelago.


Typhoon Tisoy touches down in the Philippines

The typhoon may affect the Southeast Asian games which is currently underway.

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Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting

The government’s hosting of the event has so far been disastrous.

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Duterte fires Robredo as drug czar

President Rodrigo Duterte took offense at the “taunt” of Vice President Leni Robredo challenging him to just fire her if he didn’t want her on the government’s counternarcotics body.

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Court junks ill-gotten wealth case against Marcoses

Court rejects government effort to recover more than P1 billion worth of art, property and investments from the family and associates of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, saying the state failed to prove its case.


Manila is third, Beijing second among 56 cities with lowest quality of life: Deutsche Bank

Based on its 2019 report, Deutsche Bank said the top three cities with the lowest quality of life were Lagos, Nigeria; Beijing, China; and Manila, Philippines.


Palace: Duterte OK despite new illness

President Rodrigo Duterte is “OK and well,” Malacañang said on Monday, despite the 74-year-old leader’s admission that he suffers from an autoimmune disease that can potentially have serious complications.


Philippines opens probe into rogue, drug-selling ‘ninja cops’

The Department of the Interior and Local Government has started investigating the pilfering of confiscated illegal drugs by rogue policemen and the alleged coddling of involved officers.


Bar fronts for Chinese sex ring; 3rd busted in a month

These latest police raids expose the darker side of online gambling businesses catering to Chinese nationals in the Philippines.


Murder cases up in Metro Manila under Duterte administration

More murder cases were recorded in the first three years and three months of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte than in the same period under his predecessor.

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Duterte to ‘ninja cops’: You’ll die first

Ninja cops are corrupt cops who recycle seized drugs.


US carrier stops in Philippines after Duterte’s request

USS Ronald Reagan is anchored off the archipelago as South China Sea tensions simmer.


PH among top 5 surf countries fighting climate change

Philippines at severe risk due to climate change.

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Philippines considers taking sea row to UN

The statement was made by foreign secretary Del Rosario.

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Philippines passes anti-harassment law

Duterte dared to comply with law against sexual harassment.

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Amnesty International responds to Duterte’s government

The rights organization tells government spokesman Panelo: Do your homework.


Philippines denies it allowed Chinese fishing rights

Deal or no deal? DFA, Palace differ on Duterte-Xi agreement.

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Philippines calls for Chinese compensation over sunk boat

Reparations for Philippines fishermen sought after boat sunk by Chinese ship.


Chinese vessel abandons PH boat after collision

Chinese ships rammed a Philippines fishing boat in contested territory.

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Inquirer’s Randy David wins Fukuoka grand prize

The Fukuoka prize is given to Asians who excel at preserving the region’s culture.

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Duterte gives go signal to sell Marcos jewelry

The jewels are part of a trove of Marcos treasures acquired through ill-gotten gains.


Philippines government says no cheating in mid-term elections

Duterte’s government says left’s defeat was due to its own shortcomings.


Duterte drug war ’won’ in 2019 senatorial race

The mid-term votes seem to back Duterte’s government and his policies.

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Philippines sets mid-term election date

The government warns people, groups with ‘sinister plans’ on Election Day.

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Duterte: Pass laws protecting labor rights

The president said he would work hard to protect workers rights to self-organize.


S. Korean leader hopeful about 3rd Trump-Kim summit

Moon Jae-in meets with Asia News Network editors, says he is ready to facilitate next Trump – Kim summit.

Current affairs

Earthquake kills 8 in Philippines

The earthquake struck the central island of Luzon Monday afternoon.

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Duterte to deport any ICC official investigating his rights record

Many have called on the International Criminal Court to investigate Duterte’s deadly drug war.


Duterte names 46 politicians on narcolist

Many are contesting in mid-term elections later this year.

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Universal Healthcare now a law in the Philippines

Quality health care services may soon be available to all Filipinos.

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Rappler’s Maria Ressa arrested for cyber libel

Ressa is once again behind bars after Duterte’s government’s arrested the Rappler CEO.

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‘Freedom Trail’ set up to commemorate Bataan Death March

Between 5,000 to 18,000 prisoners of war died during the forced march.


Duterte: I have evil plan for my enemies

The president said that his enemies will not be the only ones to utilize the power of evil.


Rights groups hail first conviction in Duterte’s drug war

They say, however, they fear a possible presidential pardon.


Philippine and China free to sign MOU

Defenders of Philippines sovereignty in the South China Sea say that a recent MOU with China was ‘safe’.


Pacts signed between Philippines and China

Xi calls talks with Duterte ‘fruitful’during his state visit to Philippines.


US calls on China to remove missiles from Spratly Islands

For the first time, the United States called on China to remove missiles it deployed on three fortified outposts it built in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.


22 overseas workers rescued from Denmark, Philippine government says

Twenty-two overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have been rescued from dire living conditions by authorities in Denmark, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.


Duterte warns police not to join any coup attempt

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday called on policemen not to join any “stupid” coup attempt against his administration.


Typhoon Mangkhut leaves behind trail of death and destruction

After killing 64 in the Philippines and pummelling Hong Kong and Macau, the mightiest storm of the year is wreaking havoc in China.

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Duterte eyes arms deal with Israel

President Rodrigo Duterte is eyeing an arms deal with Israel as he tries to lessen the Philippines’ reliance on US arms.


Philippines says former president is to blame for culture of impunity

President Rodrigo Duterte’s government has blamed former President Benigno Aquino for creating a culture of impunity as the government battles human rights abuse accusations.


Philippines has become a ‘willing victim’ to China

An editorial in the Philippines Daily Inquirer outlines the country’s capitulation to China on the South China Sea issue.

Analysis, Opinion

How many deaths will it take?

An editorial in the Daily Inquirer asks hard questions of Duterte’s drug war.

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Falling peso, rising economy?

The depreciation of the Peso is not necessarily a cause for concern.

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US the only deterrent to China’s aggression

Since President Duterte appears to have adopted an “appeasement” policy toward Beijing, it is only the US that can thwart China’s aggressive actions.