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Established in 1981, The Island is an English-language daily newspaper published in Sri Lanka.

Headline-2, Politics

Gota wins Sri Lanka elections, extends olive branch to all

The race was called Sunday with the former defence chief winning.


The Challenge of Securing Tamil Support

The Tamil question has plagued national politics in Sri Lanka for years.

Diplomacy, Politics

EU won’t intervene in Sri Lanka elections

EU officials sidesteps query on foreign interference.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Sri Lanka vetoes military deal with the US

Sri Lanka’s ports will remain off access to US troops.


Legality of Sri Lanka’s agreements with foreign countries

As a major hub in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka stands at a crossroads for trade and diplomacy.

Current affairs, Headline-2

Police impose curfew in Sri Lanka after anti-Muslim violence

The violence are seen as reprisal for terrorist attacks carried out last month by Islamist extremists.

Current affairs

Sri Lanka detains 60 more suspects after attacks.

Police say that the suspects were arrested with ‘incriminating evidence’.

Current affairs

Two most wanted apprehended in Sri Lanka

Men were wanted in connection to the terrorist attacks earlier this month.

Current affairs, Opinion

In any other country, govt. would have resigned

Saman Indrajith argues that the Sri Lankan government should have resigned.

Current affairs

Easter carnage could have been averted Cardinal tells army chief

Cardinal says he could’ve acted on advance warning to prevent deadly attacks.

Economics, News

Sri Lanka PM to showcase landmark changes

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to dwell on Sri Lanka’s vibrant transition at the 27th World Economic Forum on Asean.


China, India and the Indian Ocean: Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy Challenges

Occupying a strategic position in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka must balance its foreign policy between India and China.