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23 passengers left cruise ship without mandatory coronavirus tests

According to the health ministry, twenty-three passengers were released from the Diamond Princess cruise ship without undergoing the mandatory tests for the new coronavirus before disembarking.


Calls grow to postpone Xi’s April visit to Japan

The spread of a new type of coronavirus has prompted some ruling and opposition party members to call for postponing the planned April visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Japan: Koizumi offers no concrete plan on coal

The new environment minister needs to offer better ways to tackle climate change.


Japan, India must deepen ties to ensure regional maritime security

Japan sees China as a growing threat in the Asia Pacific region.

Culture and society

Rental car accidents involving foreign drivers increasing

The number correlates to the increasing number of tourists.

Culture and society

Fusion of human creativity

AI tech showcased at Yokohama symposium.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Abe requests China’s Wang ‘Free Hong Kong’

Japan had before this refused to weigh in on the Hong Kong Crisis.

Diplomacy, Economics

Local tourism hit hard by plunge in S. Korean visitors

South Korea and Japan are embroiled in a trade standoff which has extended to other realms of diplomacy.


China’s advanced tech presents ‘significant threat’ Share

Japanese leadership in tech called for.


Excessive discounts worked against Nissan Motor profits

The company has been on the back foot since its former CEO was accused of mismanagement.

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New OECD tax rule for multinationals lacks clear definitions

OECD rules are lacking for corporations around the world.

Business, Headline-1

Son defiant as investments in new firms jolt SoftBank

By Tomofumi Yonezawa and Ryosuke Terunuma / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writers.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

Moon proposes way forward with Japan at ASEAN summit

Moon proposes close aide talks on requisitioned workers issue.

Diplomacy, Economics

Abe tells Moon Japan’s ‘principle’ stance

The two countries have been embroiled in an economic dispute.

Culture and society, Headline-2

30 years of work to restore Shuri Castle undone

The fires took place at Shuri Castle on Okinawa.

Culture and society

Obituary: Sadako Ogata

Ogata’s dedication to mission earned her respect at UN.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

ROK ire intensifies toward Rising Sun

The rising sun flag holds significance across the Asia Pacific region after the second world war.


South Korean high school students protest teachers forcing ‘anti-Japan’ acts

A statement on the gate at Inhun High School where two students held a press conference says, “Please don’t use us politically”.

Culture and society, Headline-1

Emperor wishes for the people’s happiness

Naruhito was officially enthroned yesterday.

Culture and society, Headline-2

World gathers to mark Emperor’s enthronement

Naruhito’s enthronement ceremony to take place on Tuesday.

Current affairs

Typhoon death toll rises to 75; 16 missing

Most of the casualties occurred in Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures.

Current affairs

Typhoon Hagibis kills over 50, many still missing

Japan has deployed at least 100,000 security personnel in search and rescue operations.


Typhoon Hagibis leaves 26 dead, 19 missing in Japan

The military has been mobilized to provide humanitarian relief.

Current affairs

Chemistry Nobel winners laid foundation for mobile society

Akira Yoshino was one of the three researchers who greatly contributed to the development and commercialization of a “dream battery,” laying the foundation of modern society.


Japan’s Yoshino, two others win Nobel Prize in Chemistry for development of lithium-ion batteries

Akira Yoshino, 71, is the eighth Japanese scientist to have been awarded the chemistry Nobel.

Diplomacy, Economics

S.E. Asian manufacturing sees opportunity in U.S.-China row

By Shingo Sugime and Yoichiro Tanaka / Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondents.


Japanese beef exports to U.S. set to expand

The total is due to exceed 2018’s record of 421 tons.


PM Abe surprises by appointing Koizumi to 1st Cabinet post

Abe nominates rising political star to cabinet post.

Business, Headline-1

Nissan board pushes out Saikawa after disclosure of improper compensation

The embattled company is facing major structural changes on the back of two scandals.


Mitsubishi Aircraft cleared for takeoff in N. America market

It will be the first indigenous mass produced aircraft from Japan in decades.

Current affairs

1 killed, at least 30 injured in Yokohama derailment

The train crashed into a truck at a road crossing.

Curiosity, Environment, Headline-2

Disaster training targets mosquitoes with dengue virus

Japan is preparing for every scenario ahead of Tokyo 2020.

Diplomacy, Economics

Japan – Africa summit begins in Yokohama

TICAD 7 Yokohama: Good governance key for development.


Japan – S Korea rift may risk national security issues

Monitoring of DPRK missile launches could weaken.

Analysis, Diplomacy, Headline-2

Japan believes N. Korea has already developed nuclear warheads

All of Japan is within range of Pyongyang’s ballistic missiles.

Culture and society

Hirohito said rearmament, constitutional revision necessary

The records were recently discovered and made public.

Culture and society

Japan marks 74th anniversary of war’s end

The new emperor made an address on his first war anniversary on the throne.

Diplomacy, Economics, Headline-1

Japan to assess impact of ROK trade decision

South Korea has not placed Japan on a white-list of trade friendly countries.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Building the Olympic Village for the future

Japan has plans for the village beyond next year’s Olympics.

Diplomacy, Economics

Japan grants 1st export approval to S. Korea under stricter rules

Trade relationship between the two countries have frayed in recent months.

Diplomacy, Economics

Negotiation files reinforce Japanese govt arguments against Seoul

Trade talks between the two sides have resulted in no movement.

Diplomacy, Economics, Headline-1

Japan, ROK foreign ministers fail to make progress

The view from Tokyo is similar to those of the Koreans, little progress was made.

Culture and society

Average life expectancy of Japanese hits another record high

Japan is already among world leaders in life expectancy.

Analysis, Diplomacy

Japan to acquire 20 unmanned helicopters

Yomiuri Shimbun reports the acquisition is designed to counter China’s growing presence.

Current affairs, Headline-2

Nuclear debris to be removed at Fukushima No. 1 plant in 2021

Clean up operations have been ongoing within the area but nuclear debris has been left sealed.

Headline-2, Politics

Abe aims to revise Constitution following election victory

Revising Japan’s pacifist constitution was one of Abe’s campaign promises.

Headline-2, Politics

Ruling bloc set to keep majority in Japan

The move has significant impact on any attempts to rewrite Japan’s pacifist constitution.

Business, Curiosity

Japanese Govt service to provide businesses with quake damage estimates

The paid service will come into effect after major quakes.

Culture and society, Curiosity

Japan to subsidize fishermen’s disposal of ocean plastic

The government will pay fishermen to dispose and collect ocean plastic.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Japan mulls possible role in US-Iran coalition

US coalition plan puts Japan in hot seat amid rising tensions over Iran.


Satellites making stars harder to study

The announcement was made by Japan’s national observatory.

Diplomacy, Economics

Japan, S. Korea to discuss export curbs this week

Both sides have ramped up rhetoric in recent weeks.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Top Chinese leadership absent at war incident event

Absence may signal better relations between Japan and China.

Culture and society

Japan set to resume commercial whaling

Certain sectors inside Japan have protested the move.


Abe tells Xi he wants new era for Japan-China relations

The relationship between the two countries have been strained since the second world war.

Diplomacy, Economics

Building post-Brexit ties with Japan

Ahead of the Group of 20 summit, The Yomiuri Shimbun interviewed British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Diplomacy, Economics

G20 draft calls for digital economy rules within the year

Digital laws have been proposed before in the past but is gaining traction ahead of the G20s.


Japan, Russia to not discuss sensitive territorial issue at G20

Japan, Russia likely to skip agreement on travel to northern territories at G20.

Current affairs

Battle of Okinawa memorial ceremony attended by 5,100

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offers a flower during a memorial ceremony to commemorate those who died in the Battle of Okinawa.

Culture and society

Universities address demand for AI in Japan

AI said to be the next big topic of study.


Abe to visit Iran to mediate with U.S.

The Japanese Prime Minister is due in Tehran today.

Culture and society, Curiosity

Wakayama temple introduces cashless payment option

It is believed to be a first among temples in Japan.

Current affairs

Japan plans 1 computer for every school student

The aim is pass and implement this program in the next few years.


Japan, U.S. agree on defense cooperation in ‘new domains’

The meeting of the defense chief comes after President Trump’s state visit.

Current affairs

Two dead, 18 injured in Japan stabbing spree

The perpetrator was thought to be suffering from mental illness.

Business, Diplomacy, Headline-1

Trump meets Japan business leaders

Trump earlier said that the US suffered from a ‘tremendous’ trade deficit with Japan.

Business, Culture and society, Headline-2

Foreign worker influx presents business opportunity in Japan

Service industry businesses catering to foreign workers are popping up all over Japan.

Culture and society

Growing number of companies not hiring smokers in Japan

Domestic firms are taking stronger action against tobacco use, going so far as to avoid hiring smokers in some cases.

Business, Headline-2

Japan automakers take profit hit

Analysts blame the hit on global R&D competition.

Analysis, Opinion

Nations have long way to go on normalization

By Shin Kawashima, University of Tokyo Professor.


With China, Japan straddles friendship, containment

Abe’s diplomacy for Osaka G20 must balance several factors.

Culture and society, Headline-2

Emperor vows to stand with the people

Naruhito made his first address to the people of Japan as emperor on Wednesday.

Culture and society

Emperor of Japan abdicates, new era begins

Heisei era ends as crown prince Naruhito accedes and Reiwa era begins.

Culture and society

Looking back on Akihito’s reign

The emperor is due to abdicate today, the first time in two centuries.

Culture and society, Headline-1

Police to be on full alert ahead of coronation

Coronation is due to take place on April 30th.


China showcases carrier strike group capabilities at fleet review

China has flexed its muscles before in the South China Sea.


Japan’s ruling party loses by-elections

LDP loses 2 lower house by-elections.

Current affairs

Tokyo Olympic committee announces detailed schedule for 2020 Games

Tokyo will welcome positive news after earlier scandals surrounding the Olympic committee.


Ghosn ousted from last Nissan position

Ghosn is facing charges of misuse of company funds and tax evasion.


Prosecutors focus on Ghosn’s ‘Oman route’

Ghosn is on trial for evasion of taxes and using company funds for personal use.

Business, Economics

Japan-U.S. trade talks likely in D.C. in mid-April

The two sides are still at an impasse over what Trump deems an “unfair” trade deficit.

Culture and society

‘Reiwa’ chosen as new era name

The name will come into effect when Akihito abdicates his throne in May.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Japanese Olympic Committee was step behind when dealing with Takeda charges

The head of Japan’s Olympic Committee said he would step down, as French authorities probe his involvement in payments made before Tokyo was awarded the 2020 Summer Games.


Japan to develop long-range standoff missile

Japan is planning on developing long range anti-ship missiles for self defense purposes.


Court denies Ghosn’s request to attend Nissan board meeting

Former Nissan Motor Company Chairman Carlos Ghosn was released on bail last week.


Nissan wary of Ghosn rekindling coup theory

Former CEO Carlos Ghosn was released this week on bail.


Ghosn’s 3rd bail request approved

Bail was set at 9 million US dollars.

Business, Economics

Myth of China’s economic growth collapsing

The myth of growth in which auto and housing sales continue to support the economy has collapsed.


Japan turns to smartphone payments

Businesses, consumers increasingly turn to smartphone payments as modus operandi.

Business, Current affairs

Japanese government to establish organization to keep eye on IT firms

The body will scrutinize financial dealings by tech giants.

Current affairs

Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force to be sent to Sinai Peninsula

The troops will be utilized in an observing capacity.

Diplomacy, Economics

Japan, Britain to jointly invest in science and technology research

Both governments will survey areas of potential overlapping interests.

Current affairs

Japan plans to strengthen cyber-attack defenses by certifying cloud storage services

The government is drawing up cyber-security plans to ensure safer protections for users.

Business, Economics

Japan, EU must protect free trade by establishing firmer relationship

The EU-Japan free trade deal is now in effect signaling a new era in trade relations between the two.

Culture and society, Curiosity

Japanese retailers embark on sales drive marking end of Heisei reign

The Japanese Emperor Akihito is due to abdicate later this year.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Baby-editing doctor ‘pursued own gain’

The Chinese doctor said he edited two children to make them immune to HIV.

Current affairs

Abe proposes data rules at World Economic Forum

Japan proposes creating global rules on data flow in Davos speech.

Business, Headline-1

Record ¥4.5 tril. spent in Japan by foreign visitors

Tourism is increasingly becoming an important part of the Japanese market.


Nissan plans civil suit against Ghosn

Ghosn allegedly used company assets for personal use and gain.

Culture and society, Current affairs, Headline-2

Japan Olympic chief denies corruption allegations

The president of the Japanese IOC says there is nothing to worry about.

Current affairs, Diplomacy

Japan ‘close to deal’ to buy island for U.S. training site

The site will be used to practice carrier landings and air drills.


Ghosn and prosecutors at odds over ‘losses inflicted on Nissan’

Former chairman to spend Christmas and New Years in jail.


Top Chinese intelligence official visited Japan in secret

Counter-terrorism and intelligence sharing may have been the topic of discussion.

Culture and society

Japan eyes return to commercial whaling

Japan plans to withdraw from International Whaling Commission to resume commercial whaling.


Japanese views of U.S. ties worsen in poll

Respondents were less likely to respond positively due to recent developments.

Culture and society, Current affairs, Headline-2

Feature: Ghosn’s fall from grace

Ghosn legacy torn apart as prosecutors struggle to build a solid case.

Culture and society

Japan’s year symbolized by ‘disaster’

The Kanji of the year in 2018 in Japan is the word for disaster.


Japan okays jamming hostile satellites

Japan approves a measure to research the capabilities to jam hostile communication satellites.


Nissan’s misdeeds highlight delay in corporate governance reform

Changes are long overdue at one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers.

Economics, News

Ghosn charged with falsifying reports

Ghosn and an associated remain in jail on charges of tax avoidance and falsifying reports.


New Ghosn details reveal massive hidden pay

Ghosn suspected of understating pay by ¥9,5 billion over 9 years.


S. Korea top court: Mitsubishi owes damages

Fallout continues over South Korean ruling that Mitsubishi owes war time reparations.

Diplomacy, Economics

Japan considers buying up to 100 more F-35 fighters

The government is considering acquiring 80 to 100 additional state-of-the-art F-35 stealth fighters for the Air Self-Defense Force, sources said.

Economics, Environment

Climate change plan approved by Japan cabinet

The government approved a climate change adaptation plan at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday that is aimed at countering the dangers caused by global warming.

Analysis, Economics

Nissan to face challenges in setting up new leadership

The company will have to balance its desires with partners Renault.


Prosecutors: Nissan’s Ghosn understated pay by ¥5 bil.

Ghosn is currently under arrest for financial discrepancy and under-reporting pay.

Curiosity, Economics

Nissan’s Ghosn arrested over financial law violation

Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn was arrested by a Japanese special investigation team over financial irregularities.


Japan requires foreigners to have ID card to receive basic care

Foreign residents to be required to show residence cards to receive health care.


Japan sets out plan to regulate IT giants more strictly

A panel set up to study the issue has recommended plans to regulate IT companies more strictly.


Japan panel to call for creating IT watchdog

An expert panel will call for the government to set up a team of specialists to monitor the business practices of tech giants in its interim report to be released early next month.


Japanese journalist Yasuda freed 3 yrs after being kidnapped in Syria

The Japanese foreign ministry has confirmed that Yasuda has been released.


‘Stability’ aim of Abe’s China visit

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will pay an official visit to China from Thursday to Saturday — the first official visit to China by a Japanese prime minister in seven years.

Economics, Environment

Japanese partsmaker fabricated earthquake shock-absorber data

The government says buildings with parts will still withstand severe earthquakes.


North Korea playing hardball with nuclear weapons list

Kim Jong-un says he won’t submit the weapons list and presented several demands.


Japan carmakers brace for new NAFTA

The revised NAFTA deal that the United States, Mexico and Canada agreed to on Sunday is expected to have a significant impact on Japanese automakers.

Diplomacy, Politics

Conflict over U.S. base to intensify in Japan

The debate over US bases in Okinawa is likely to intensify after the election of a new governor.

Curiosity, Environment

Trains stopped as strong typhoon nears

Japan braces itself as a powerful typhoon approaches the main islands.


Tokyo firm to send rovers to moon via SpaceX by ’21

A Japanese start-up will send rovers to the moon via Elon Musk’s Space X by 2021.


Bank of Japan split on monetary easing

The Bank of Japan could have increasing difficulty steering its monetary policy, as some believe Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is becoming less focused on achieving a 2 percent inflation target.

Analysis, Economics

Swift assistance needed to rehabilitate Hokkaido’s quake-stricken industries

To realize Hokkaido’s post-quake rehabilitation, it is indispensable to rebuild its industries.


Abe wins 3rd term as president of ruling LDP

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was reelected president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party for a third consecutive term on Thursday.

Diplomacy, Opinion

Japan should pursue future-oriented diplomacy with strategic approach – Editorial

It is necessary to advance future-oriented diplomacy and continue improving trust in the international community, an editorial in the Yomiuri Shimbun said.

Diplomacy, Politics

Akihito marks final war-end anniversary

Japan marked the 73rd anniversary of the end of World War II on Wednesday.


Intellectual property arbitral body to open

A permanent international arbitration body specializing in intellectual property is to be established in Japan as early as September.


Abe hopes reciprocal visits improve Japan-China ties

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe intends to accelerate the improvement of Japan-China relations through the realization of reciprocal visits with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Toshiba planning to sell LNG business in US.

Toshiba Corporation is planning to sell its liquefied natural gas business in the United States.


Japan seeks to cut plutonium stockpile

Japan’s Atomic Energy Commission is seeking to cut the country’s plutonium stockpile for the first time in over a decade.


Fake news triggers flood of applications from ninja hopefuls

Fake internet news stories claiming “ninja” are in short supply trigger a flood of applications to Japan.


65 dead of heatstroke in Japan

A record 65 people died in a weeklong period due to heatstroke amid severely hot weather in Japan.


Japan should ensure user safety on crypto-exchanges

Japanese regulators need to do more to ensure the safety and privacy of users dealing with crypto-currency exchanges.


South Koreans, Japanese doubt N Korea denuclearization

Polls suggest the public in both countries do not believe true denuclearization will take place.


Japanese-affiliated convenience stores make headway into China

Japan-affiliated convenience store chains are making an aggressive push into the Chinese market, with three major chains now having about 5,500 stores in China.

Economics, Politics

Japanese firms solidify LGBT policy

Japanese companies are increasingly integrating gender diversity policies into their central business strategies.


Japan wary of aid for North Korea

The Japanese government is wary of U.

Diplomacy, Opinion

Territorial clarity must emerge from Japan-Russia talks

Gains from Japan-Russia cooperation must lead to progress in territorial talks.

Curiosity, Economics

APEC nations divided over statement on protectionism

Representatives of the APEC members hold a press conference following the trade ministers’ meeting in Port Moresby on Saturday but did not address concerns over protectionism.


Path to denuclearization of North Korea still not in sight

Trump’s negotiation tactics face test.

Opinion, Politics

North Korean move stops short of declaring abolition of N-weapons

It must be a tactic to weaken the pressure of the international community’s sanctions and make summit meetings with the United States and South Korea successful.