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India bans e-cigarettes

The decision has been met with criticism and charges of favouritism.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

‘War with India a possibility’, Imran Khan says

The comments come weeks after a Pakistani minister had reportedly predicted a ‘full-blown war between Pakistan and India likely to occur in the month of October or November’.


India criticises Pakistan moves at UN human rights council.

‘Terror epicentre’ Pak speaking on human rights ‘audacious’: India on UNHRC clash.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

India braces to thwart Pakistan bid to internationalise Kashmir at UNHRC meet

Pakistan is now preparing to misuse this key UN platform to rake up the issue, according to the Statesman newspaper.

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India successfully places probe in moon’s orbit

Landing attempt will take place on September 7.

Current affairs

Schools in Kashmir to reopen on Wednesday

The Modi administration has decided to re-open all the middle schools across Kashmir on Wednesday.

Culture and society, Headline-1, Politics

Eid celebrated peacefully in Kashmir amid heavy security, India says

Over 10,000 people offered prayers says India’s central government.


Panic grips residents as vehicles burnt in Kashmir

The vandalism may be in response to India’s move to take away the region’s autonomy.

Current affairs, Environment, Headline-1

42 dead in Kerala, dozens missing after landslides

Heavy rains, floods disrupt lives across 4 states in India.

Headline-1, Politics

Modi defends Kashmir move

Now, everyone is equal in country, says Modi in special broadcast.


OPINION: Bold initiative in India’s Kashmir push

Like it or loathe it, India’s government made a bold push with its Kashmir initiative.


New Delhi defends Kashmir move

Article 370 was elephant in the room, prevented curbing terrorism, corruption.

Current affairs, Environment

600 people killed, over 25 mn affected by flooding in India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Myanmar

More than half-a-million of them have been displaced, Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

Culture and society

Open letter to PM Narendra Modi

Eminent citizens write to PM on religion-based hate crimes, mob lynchings.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Afghanistan seeks clarification on Trump’s remarks

President Trump said he could end the conflict in Afghanistan by wiping out the country.


India, Russia discuss joint production of space systems

The two countries met to discuss joint-cooperation projects.

Diplomacy, Politics

India asks Commonwealth to readmit Maldives

Maldives pulled out of commonwealth under previous administration over human rights concerns.

Headline-2, Politics

Rahul Gandhi resigns as Congress president

Resignation follows loss in this year’s general election.

Current affairs, Environment

Mumbai crippled as rains break 45 year old record

Mumbai received 375 mm of rainfall on Monday, making it the maximum July downpour that the city has seen over a 24-hour period, breaking the record of 1974.


Iran Embassy rejects Pompeo’s accusations on terrorism

Pompeo had accused the Iranians of attacking a oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

No talks with Pakistan till it stops exporting terror, Modi says

Modi said India has not seen any change in Pakistan’s attitude on dealing with terrorism.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Six convicted in child rape case in India

Three get life imprisonment, three others to be jailed for five years.

Culture and society, Politics

PM Modi says victory for democracy in post-election speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi evokes the Mahabharata in victory speech.


Financially stressed Jet Airways suspends operations

The financially strapped airlines had been in distress for some time.


Rahul tears into PM Modi over job losses, calls PM a ‘joke’

The country’s unemployment rate was reportedly at a 45-year-high of 6.


India calls emergency meeting over Jet Airways

Aviation Minister calls emergency meeting as debt-ridden Jet Airways grounds flights.


India, US ask Pakistan to dismantle terror infrastructure

Mike Pompeo expressed his understanding of India’s concerns regarding cross -border terrorism.


Freedom’s limits

China President Xi Jinping will have to countenance a major challenge at this week’s meeting of the “Two Sessions”.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

India protests ‘vulgar display’ of injured IAF pilot by Pakistan

India says Pakistani action was in contrast to India’s non-military anti-terror pre-emptive strike at a terrorist camp on Tuesday.

Diplomacy, Opinion, Politics

Opinion: India expected too much of Pakistan’s best friend

Indian diplomats and leaders should know that world leaders expect that India should be able to take care of its own military problems with its troublesome neighbor.


India will stop its share of water flowing into Pakistan

The decision follows the suicide bombing in Kashmir which India blames on terrorists groups harbouring in Pakistan.

Diplomacy, Economics, Headline-2

Saudi Crown Prince arrives in India

Ready to share intelligence, cooperate with India to eliminate terrorism: Saudi Crown Prince.

Current affairs, Headline-1, Opinion

Opinion: Revenge inadequate in Kashmir attack

The government refuses to accept that its stubborn approach fertilises the soil for terror.

Current affairs

India complains to twitter over bias against conservatives

The government confirmed that it was in talks with the tech giant over perceived bias on the platform.

Opinion, Politics

Pre-poll angst in India

Unlike even a couple of years ago when the BJP was full of self-confidence about its electoral prospects, the present is anything but certain.

Curiosity, Economics

UK court orders tycoon’s extradition to India

Vijay Mallya can be extradited back to India, a UK court rules.


India says Pakistan not sincere in bringing Mumbai terror attack plotters to justice

The government stated that the planners of 26/11 were still roaming the streets of Pakistan with impunity.


Top 10 quotes from India verdict that decriminalises homosexuality

Many memorable quotes accompanied India’s decision to decriminalize homosexuality.

Opinion, Politics

More hands than guns

There has been an increase in the number of Indian youth joining the militants’ ranks in the restive Kashmir Valley.

Opinion, Politics

Brexit and the Indian perspective

Two years after the Brexit refereundum, Queen Elizabeth granted royal assent to Brexit legislation, that will formally end the country’s European Union membership.

Opinion, Politics

The man who could be king

Pakistani politician Imran Khan is popularly perceived as the establishment’s preferred choice in the forthcoming National Assembly elections.

Opinion, Politics

India’s international balancing act

India seeking to expand its ties across the globe has been receiving positive signals.


Facebook releases new transparency report

There were 17,262 requests to Facebook for user or account data from India and 53,625 requests from the US.