Bangkok World Film Festival returns with a rich menu of 60+ flicks

The concept of this year’s festival is “Return to Cinema” and the aim is to welcome film lovers back to theatres now that the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided.

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October 25, 2022

BANGKOK – The 15th World Film Festival of Bangkok is set to showcase more than 60 award-winning films from 30 countries, making this the longest repertoire the fest has ever featured.
The concept of this year’s festival is “Return to Cinema” and the aim is to welcome film lovers back to theatres now that the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided.

The festival’s new director Donsaron Kovitvanitcha said the press conference on Thursday at SF World Cinema in Bangkok’s CentralWorld shopping centre won overwhelming interest from both Thai and foreign film buffs.

Donsaron, an internationally acclaimed independent film producer who took the baton from his predecessor and World Film Festival of Bangkok founder Kriengsak “Victor” Silakong, said the festival’s spirit lives on and all presentations will be nothing but “great”. Kriengsak succumbed to a heart attack earlier this year.

“Every film featured in the festival has been carefully selected to represent various issues from diverse origins and cultures,” Donsaron said.

“Some may like them, others may hate them, but I can guarantee that everyone will go home with some good thoughts about these films.

“The World Film Festival of Bangkok has been absent for five years. We have brought it back this time, so film lovers can return to the place they love, meet international directors, make new friends, as well as share ideas and views about the films,” he added.

At the press event, Donsaron highlighted 12 films that will be showcased at the fest, namely:

• Aftersun (UK and the US)

• Alcarràs (Spain)

• In Viaggio (Italy)

• EO (Poland and France)

• No Bears (Iran)

• A Man (Japan)

• Tori and Lokita (Belgium)

• A Hundred Flowers (Japan)

• Rule 34 (Brazil and France)

• Return to Seoul (several countries)

• Tchaikovsky’s Wife (Russia, France, Switzerland)

• Close (Belgium)

These films have already won international recognition and shown at film festivals in Cannes, Venice, Toronto and Busan.

Nirodha “Earth” Ruencharoen, a renowned film influencer and special guest in the press event said: “I am happy that the World Film Festival is returning to Bangkok, allowing us to witness international films and experience important issues from different cultures around the world.

“Diversity is the key that makes us open to new techniques in movie making and storytelling, preventing Thai films from becoming too monotonous.”

Also attending the press event on Thursday were representatives of the two key partners, Nation Group’s special adviser Adisak Limparungpattanakij and SF Corporation’s chief operation officer Suvannee Chinchiewchan, Assistant To Chief Executive Officer of SF Supat Ngamwongpaiboon, Marketing Department Manager of SF Arm Chareonsiri and host Varundusa Karunayadhaj.

The World Film Festival of Bangkok runs from December 2 to 11 at SF World Cinema, CentralWorld, Bangkok.

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