Bangkokians mostly happy with Chadchart in first 6 months: survey

Of those polled, 42.60% said they were pleased with the hard work the governor has done to improve the capital.

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The Nation



December 5, 2022

BANGKOK – A recent opinion survey has found that Bangkokians are generally happy with Chadchart Sittipunt’s handling of major issues and his performance as city governor.

The National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) conducted phone interviews with a sample of 1,500 residents in Bangkok’s 50 districts between November 25 and 30 to mark Chadchart’s first six months in office. The respondents came from all walks of life with different educational backgrounds and income levels. The results were released on Sunday.

The respondents were asked 17 questions about Chadchart’s performance and most responses were positive with the exception of the last two on economic woes, which won more “bad” and “rather bad” votes.

When asked to directly rate their level of satisfaction with Chadchart’s performance:

• 42.60% said they were pleased with the hard work the governor has done to improve the capital;

• 38.93% said they were pleased because Chadchart has had tangible achievements and has devoted himself to solving people’s problems;

• 10.54% are rather not pleased with Chadchart because he failed to tackle the root of problems and did not see any tangible improvements;

• 7.93% are very dissatisfied with Chadchart’s performance because he has failed to deliver his promised policies and failed to tackle old issues like floods and Bangkok’s long-standing traffic woes.

The 17 questions the respondents were asked are:

• Increase in green spaces

39.07%: Very good

36.40%: Rather good

13.33%: Rather bad

9.13%: Very bad

2.07%: No comment

• Tourism promotion of Bangkok

40.54%: Rather good

38.13%: Very good

11.33%: Rather bad

7.53%: Very bad

2.47%: No comment

• Support for sports activities

38.40%: Rather good

34.84%: Very good

14.60%: Rather bad

9%: Very bad

3.16%: No comment

• Control of garbage, dust and wastewater

39.73%: Rather good

33.13%: Very good

16.40%: Rather bad

9.87%: Very bad

0.87%: No comment

• Tackling floods

34.87%: Rather good

31.80%: Very good

18.93%: Rather bad

13.40%: Very bad

1%: No comment

• Improvement of BMA services

40.40%: Rather good

29.53%: Very good

16%: Rather bad

9.67%: Very bad

4.4%: No comment

• Keeping pavements in order

41.13%: Rather good

29.27%: Very good

16.07%: Rather bad

10.53%: Very bad

3%: No comment

• Improvement in the overall environment of streets and alleyways

41.33%: Rather good

29.20%: Very good

18.07%: Rather bad

10.27%: Very bad

1.13%: No comment

• Improvement of health services

42.67%: Rather good

25.33%: Very good

17.93%: Rather bad

10.54%: Very bad

3.53%: No comment

• Ensuring law and order at protest sites

37.80%: Rather good

24.53%: Very good

17.33% Very bad

16.54%: Rather bad

3.8%: No comment

• Maintaining security via street lights and CCTVs

39.13%: Rather good

24.40%: Very good

21.54%: Rather bad

12.33%: Very bad

2.6%: No comment

• Tackling corruption in BMA agencies

30.60%: Rather good

23.87%: Very good

21.60%: Rather bad

16.06%: Very bad

7.87%: No comment

• Developing educational institutes, solving youth issues

38.47%: Rather good

22.13%: Very good

20.20%: Rather bad

12.13%: Very bad

7.07%: No comment

• Developing public transportation, including trains and ferries

42.13%: Rather good

21.87%: Very good

18.07%: Rather bad

10.60%: Very bad

7.33%: No comment

• Tackling traffic woes

44.60%: Rather good

21%: Rather bad

18.40%: Very good

14.13%: Very bad

1.87%: No comment

• Dealing with beggars and homeless people

39.13%: Rather good

25.60%: Rather bad

16.87%: Very good

14.07%: Very bad

4.33%: No comment

• Tackling economic woes

32.26%: Rather bad

31.40%: Rather good

20.40%: Very bad

10.07%: Very good

5.87%: No comment

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