Bangladesh PM opens 14 factories at economic zones

The prime minister also inaugurated seven infrastructure development projects and laid the foundation stones for numerous units.


November 21, 2022

DHAKA – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday inaugurated the comme-ncement of commercial production at 14 industrial units while also announcing the establishment of 29 others in public and private economic zones to encourage planned industrialisation in Bangladesh.

Entrepreneurs of the 43 factories have already invested $1.57 billion of their proposed investment of $3.8 billion in various economic zones under the Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (Beza).

The prime minister also inaugurated seven infrastructure development projects and laid the foundation stones of numerous units at two economic zones to mark the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence.

“We will not stop here, we will develop marine drive from Mirsarai to Cox’s Bazar. We have that plan as people can enjoy our huge ocean. We emphasise on blue economy,” she said through a video conference from her official residence at Gono Bhaban.

The virtual ceremony was organised by Beza.

In 2015, the government set an ambitious target of setting up 100 economic zones in the next 15 years to create one crore jobs and export $40 billion worth of goods and services.

Beza has so far approved the establishment of 97 economic zones, of which 68 are public and 29 are private.

Until now, Beza has received $22 billion in investment proposals for the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar, economic zones in Shreehatta, Jamalpur and Moheshkhali, and Sabrang Tourism Park.

The country’s economic zones have attracted foreign direct investment from Japan, China, India, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, US, UK, Singapore, South Korea, and Norway, BEZA officials said.

In her speech, the prime minister highlighted various initiatives taken by the government to attract foreign investors.

The premier then advised businesses to work for the peoples’ welfare.

“The more you work for the welfare of people, the more the government will support you,” she said.

“Also, I would say to the youth, don’t just look for a job and instead build your own business to provide employment opportunities to other people,” the prime minister added.

She went on to say that the country needs more women entrepreneurs.

“We provide special facilities for women through the SME Foundation,” she said.

“There is a provision for separate plots for women in each industrial zone. So, I hope our women entrepreneurs will also come forward,” the premier added.

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