Famous snake village recognised officially as a tourist site of Hanoi

Located about 7 km northeast of the city centre, Le Mat Village is famous for snake catching and raising, as well as delicious dishes prepared from snakes raised by locals.

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December 21, 2023

HÀ NỘI — The Hà Nội suburban village Lệ Mật, well-known nationwide for its snake farms and restaurants, has officially became a tourist destination of the capital city.

The Hà Nội People’s Committee last week signed a decision to recognise the village, located in Việt Hưng Ward, Long Biên District, as a tourist site.

According to Secretary of Việt Hưng Ward’s Party Committee, Đinh Quang Luận, the recognition is an opportunity for the locality to perform well the preservation and promotion of the cultural values of the village’s thousand-year history.

The officer said that the ward will apply an action plan to attract more tourists to develop sustainable and cultural tourism based on distinctive features of the village.

​Located about 7km northeast of the city centre, Lệ Mật Village is famous for snake catching and raising, as well as delicious dishes prepared from snakes raised by locals.

The local villagers were told that their traditional job is associated with an ancient legend that a local young man named Hoàng conquered a giant snake-shaped sea monster.

In the old days, the village’s snake raising was for medical purposes and to make snake wine. Later, the village has used snakes to create food delicacies, becoming a well-known culinary address in Hà Nội.

Not only famous for snake specialties, Lệ Mật also has unique historical and cultural heritages that are attractive to tourists.

The ancient village is home to numerous of communal houses, pagodas and temples.

Possessing the characteristics of ancient Hà Nội, the village is home to several communal houses, pagodas, temples and wells, with beautiful architecture and landscapes. It is an ideal destination for both cultural and culinary tours.

The Lệ Mật village worships Buddha, the village’s temple honours a princess who is daughter of Emperor Lý Thái Tông in the 11th century, and Lệ Mật communal house glorifies the village saint, who explored and developed the village.

Visiting Lệ Mật village during its traditional festival that takes place annually from the 19th to the 23rd day of the third lunar month, tourists can enjoy the unique festive atmosphere of the Red River Delta region in general, and of the ancient citadel of Thăng Long and present-day Hà Nội.

The five-day festival features three major activities, including the Holy Water Procession and the Đả Ngư (fishing in the village’s communal well) ritual.

The ‘Diệt Giảo Long’, literally means ‘Killing Snake Devil’, is a performance presenting the tale about the village saint. The performance, taking place on the yard of communal house, features a giant snake made from bamboo and cloth.

The festival will be wrapped up by another procession called Thập Tam Trại.

Every year, the Lệ Mật Village Traditional Festival draws tens of thousands of tourists to enjoy its unique features. — VNS

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