Forklift used to move 300kg Indonesian man to hospital

The authorities said the operation took two hours, as the team moving Mr Muhammad Fajri had to break the door for him to be able to be moved out of the house.

Eileen Ng

Eileen Ng

The Straits Times


Mr Muhammad Fajri has been obese since he was 11, and was bed-bound for the past eight months. PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM JALAN VIRAL/TWITTER, VIRAL.DONGS/TIKTOK

June 13, 2023

JAKARTA – An Indonesian man who weighs 300kg had to be moved with a forklift from his home to a pickup truck to take him to hospital.

The authorities said Mr Muhammad Fajri, 27, was admitted to hospital in the city of Tangerang, about 35km from the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta last Wednesday, after he developed complications from being bed-bound for the last eight months.

Mr Muhammad, who has been obese since he was 11, had infections in several parts of his body and skin, and pain in his legs.

The Ciledug district disaster management agency chief executive, Mr Mulyadi, who goes by one name, said he received requests from local residents to help transport Mr Muhammad to hospital.

“Upon our arrival, we found out that not only was the road to the patient’s house too narrow, but he was also too big (to walk),” said Mr Mulyadi.

“As a solution, we used a forklift to move him to a pickup truck, which then conveyed him to the hospital,” he was quoted as saying by CNN Indonesia.

Mr Mulyani added that the operation took two hours as the team moving Mr Muhammad had to break the door for him to be able to be moved out of the house.

Mr Muhammad will be transferred to a hospital in Jakarta to receive better treatment from specialists, according to Tangerang City Hospital director Taty Damayanty.

Mr Muhammad has limited movement – he can sit, but doctors say he cannot move his right leg because of an injury from an accident.

“His current condition is due to excessive calorie intake and this is exacerbated by the lack of physical activity,” Dr Taty told Kompas.

Mr Muhammad’s mother, Ms Riwati, who goes by one name, said her son had a wound in his right leg about a year ago, and this caused him to be bed-bound.

“I hope he will recover quickly and be able to return to work as he became the sole breadwinner of the family after my husband passed away,” she told CNN Indonesia.

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