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June 2, 2023

DHAKA – Popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury started his acting career through his theatre guru, the noted thespian and actor Mamunur Rashid’s theatre troupe, Aranyak. From the stage to films and now the OTT platforms, the actor has managed to charm everyone, displaying his marvelous excellence in his craft.

Today marks the 50th birthday of the celebrated “Karagar” star. On this occasion, Mamunur Rashid, shared a few words about the actor with The Daily Star.

Mamunur Rashid said, “When the name of Chanchal Chowdhury is uttered due to his fame, I am usually beaming with pride. When his performance is appreciated, I am filled with love. I feel like I’m being praised. I can’t express the pleasure and satisfaction I feel at his success. For me, Chanchal Chowdhury is like my son through art.”

The “Taqdeer” star has not only made a name for himself in Bangladesh but also in Kolkata and in different parts of West Bengal through his performances. “When I go to Kolkata and talk about him, and hear people praise his performance—my heart is filled with joy. This is my ultimate achievement as a theatre person. Because he started his acting career with my theatre troupe,” added Mamunur Rashid.

Chanchal has performed in many theatre plays with Aranyak. His acting had always mesmerised both the audience and his guru Mamunur Rashid. “I am really left astounded when I see the audience’s reaction to Chanchal’s performance every time. Especially his performances in the theatre play ‘Cher Cycle’ and ‘Rarang’ which still leave me spellbound.”

Mamunur Rashid continued, “Chanchal Chowdhury is an ideal actor. But he didn’t gain all this through sheer luck. He had to strive for it, and he has contributed to the art form. He persevered and practiced tirelessly for many years, honing his craft. He is enjoying the fruits of his labour now.”

Chanchal Chowdhury was always deeply in love with acting. According to his teacher, he still holds the same deep passion for acting as he did at the beginning of his career.

On this matter, Mamunur Rashid mentioned, “Maybe this is the reason why he reached the position he has today. On his (Chanchal Chowdhudy’s) birthday, I will emphasize one thing—may his pursuit and art last for the rest of his life. May he have a long life and continue enriching our art form.”

“He has earned his success as an actor, and may this success be everlasting. Happy birthday, Chanchal,” concluded Mamunur Rashid.

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