Girl brought out of borewell declared dead

The rescuers managed to bring the two-year-old out of the borewell after an almost 52-hour-long rescue operation.


Two-year-old Srishti (L) fell into a 300-feet deep borewell in an open field in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday.

June 9, 2023

BHOPAL – Two-and-a-half-year-old Srishti Kushwaha was declared dead by doctors at a hospital where she was rushed to in an unresponsive condition after rescuers, on Thursday evening, managed to pull her out of a borewell in which she had been stuck for the past three days, said sources.

Immediately after being brought out of the borewell, the baby girl was rushed to the district hospital in an ambulance. However, she was unresponsive when brought out of the borewell and the doctors at the hospital confirmed that she had died, sources said.

Police officials subsequently sent her body for a postmortem.

The rescuers managed to bring her out of the borewell at around 5.30 pm today, after an almost 52-hour-long rescue operation.

Earlier in the day, rescue experts from Delhi using a robot had joined the frantic rescue operation underway to safely bring out Srishti from a 300-feet deep borewell in which she fell at around 1.30 pm on 6 June.

According to information, a three-member team of robotic rescue experts reached the Mungawali village in Sehore district, where the incident occurred. They lowered a robot into the borewell to monitor the baby’s movements and her physical condition.

The team members said the next course of action to be taken to rescue the child would be decided based on the data received from the robotic examination.

Teams of the army, NDRF, SDERF, police and district administration authorities have been working round the clock for more than 48 hours to rescue the girl.

Srishti Kushwaha had fallen into the open borewell situated in an agricultural field while playing. The police have booked the person in whose agricultural field the open borewell is located.

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