Have you ever tried sweets made from vegetables?

Vegetables have long been used in making sweet delicacies across the world. India also boasts a range of sweets made using nutritionally rich vegetables.


Vegetable sweets (photo- google)

January 31, 2022

NEW DELHI – Vegetables for sweets? This has got to be a prank. It’s not. Vegetables have long been used in making sweet delicacies across the world. India also boasts a range of sweets made using nutritionally rich vegetables. Each one on the list is mouthwatering, no matter how boring in contrast the vegetable might seem to us. Next time you get a sugar craving, you know what guilt-free dessert to indulge in. After all, it’s not right to deprive yourself of healthy veggies!

Here are some famous sweets made from vegetables that you must try:

Sweet Potato Brownie

Sweet potato is indeed marvelous and versatile and is used in various forms – roasted, steamed, crisps, soups, pies, etc. However, here it is used to make an indulgent brownie. After all, there are so many festivals around the corner, which gives you enough reasons to celebrate with this one. Maybe surprise your brother with this on Raksha Bandhan.

Lauki ka Halwa

Lauki ka Halwa is a popular dessert from the northern part of India. Did you know that it originated during the Mughal era? Also, when Navratri is around, this dessert catches all the attention. It is made into a delicious treat with the use of bottle gourd, khoya, sugar, ghee, dry fruits, milk, and cardamom powder. Now you know how to turn this boring vegetable into a surprise for your family. Doesn’t it seem like a win-win situation?

Beetroot Cupcake

If you had been looking out for skipping on this vegetable all this while, I’m sure its cupcake form will magnetize you even more! Yes, it is not just a nutrition powerhouse but also a reason to give this vegetable a shot for its most endearing form. Do try it once as I’m sure you’re going to love it.

Parwal ki Mithai

I know this vegetable might be on your not-so-liked vegetable list, but this treat coming from the Bihar region is all set to woo you. Do you know why you need to have it at least once? Because it has got a melt-in-the-mouth texture with creamy khoya filling, topped with cardamom powder, almonds, and pistachios. Pretty tasty, don’t give it a miss!

Tamatar ki Barfi

Who would have thought that humble tomato can have a mithai version? After flaunting its manifold uses, you should explore its halwa form. The ingredients like juicy tomatoes, all-purpose flour, sugar, ghee, and cardamom powder are put together in use to create this delicacy. For the final touches, it is garnished with grated almonds and cashew nuts to give a super crunch!

Lehsun ki Kheer

Garlic besides being an amazing immunity booster, an indispensable ingredient in our daily meals, a pickle of some pleasure, has many more surprises stored in it for you. This is its kheer avatar which is also known as the Benami Kheer, coming from the Mughal era. It is called Benami as ‘garlic’ was used as a secret ingredient for this dessert in the royal kitchens. Interesting, isn’t it? Made of garlic, milk, saffron, white vinegar, sugar, and cardamom, it is quite the dessert for a king! So, ought to be distinctive and special.

Pyaaz ka Halwa

Reading this, you must be thinking that I am playing a word prank here. But no, I thought to keep this one for the last, so that I could say that it’s the last but not the least. It has origins in the Persian dish, faloodeh. Made of onion, cashewnuts, ghee, cardamom powder, sugar and milk, it is undeniably a boon to the foodies who have are experimental with sweets.

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