Hong Kong promises full backing for Thailand’s Apec ambitions

Trade between Hong Kong and other Apec economies accounts for roughly 80 per cent of the island city’s total external trade.

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The Nation



November 9, 2022

BANGKOK – Hong Kong will fully support Thailand and contribute to the region’s economic recovery, a trade representative said ahead of the 2022 Apec Summit to be hosted next week in Bangkok.
Lee Sheung-yuen, director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Bangkok, also applauded the “Open. Connect. Balance” theme of this year’s Apec Summit.

He said that with this motto, Thailand provides a critical set of values for guiding the Asia-Pacific community towards a balanced, inclusive and long-term post-pandemic recovery.

He also complimented Thailand for its efforts to steer Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) nations towards a sustainable recovery through its overarching bio-circular-green (BCG) economy concept and reviving discussions on a free-trade zone.

“Hong Kong will continue to work closely and constructively with Thailand to deliver tangible outcomes under the theme of ‘Open. Connect. Balance’ for Apec 2022,” Lee said.

He also emphasised the significance of Apec, stating that the group has implemented several business facilitation initiatives over the years, such as simplifying customs procedures and enhancing business mobility through the Apec Business Travel Card to improve the region’s business environment.

Trade between Hong Kong and other Apec economies accounts for roughly 80% of the island city’s total external trade. Hence, Hong Kong is seen as a key platform for cooperation between Apec countries on a variety of issues as well as serving as a global hub for trade and finance.

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