‘INDI Alliance’ will be wiped out, predicts PM Modi

At his rally at Nirmal, PM Modi said, while the chief minister rested easy at his farmhouse, the poor were denied housing facilities, though the houses were being built with funds from the Centre’s and taxes of the common man.


PM Narendra Modi speaks during a public meeting. PHOTO: THE STATESMAN

November 27, 2023

NEW DELHI – Predicting electoral victory for the BJP in the just-concluded polls in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here on Sunday that the INDIA bloc would be wiped out and Congress completely uprooted.

To counter the Congress allegations of a tacit understanding between the BJP and BRS have, Modi “guaranteed” that the guilty leaders of the AAP and the BRS (read Kalvakuntla Kavitha, who has so far evaded arrest by Supreme Court’s directive) who were allegedly involved in the Delhi liquor scam, will be sent to jail.

Addressing two election rallies in the state, the first at Toopran in Gajwel constituency, the home turf of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, and then at Nirmal in North Telangana, Modi launched a scalding attack on the BRS supremo.

“After destroying Telangana, KCR desired to become the leader of the nation and joined hands with Delhi’s most corrupt party. Together, they committed liquor scam and earned crores illegally and now some of the leaders are in jail and it has become difficult for them to even get bail. Everyone knows about the mobile phones that were hidden away and the money that was delivered. Those guilty will go to jail – this is my guarantee,” said Modi.

The prime minister also said that Telangana would get its first BJP government this time and predicted, “INDI Alliance will be wiped out,” and that Congress will be uprooted by the women, farmers and the youths.

Recalling the Mumbai terror attacks on 26/11 the Prime minister said, “The terrorist attack reminds us what kind of losses a country faces when there is a weak and ineffective government. In April 2014 the people removed the weak government of Congress and installed the strong government of BJP and terrorism is being wiped out bit by bit.”

Speaking at Toopran, Modi wondered why KCR was contesting from both Gajwel and Kamareddy. “Why is KCR contesting elections from another seat? Congress’ Rahul Gandhi had to leave Amethi and flee all the way to Kerala. The first reason is definitely Etela Rajender (the BJP candidate) and secondly because of the anger of the farmers and the poor,” said the prime minister recalling the plight of the land losers of Mallanasagar who were also contesting as independents against the chief minister.

In a blistering attack on KCR, he said, “Does Telangana need a chief minister who does not meet his people? What is the need for a ‘Farmhouse chief minister’? The farmers of Telangana have decided to keep him at the farmhouse permanently.”

At his rally at Nirmal, which is witnessing a straight fight between the BRS and BJP, he said while the chief minister rested easy at his farmhouse the poor were denied housing facilities, though houses were being built with funds from the Centre’s and taxes of the common man.

One of the key grievances against the BRS Government is non distribution of 2BHK houses. Accusing the Congress and BRS of being “carbon copies” of each other, he said one cannot be an alternative to the other.

Predicting that KCR would build IT Parks for minority youths, the prime minister asked, “Will there be IT parks on the basis of religion now?”

He claimed only BJP can give social justice to SC, ST and the BC community.

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