Lawmakers ignoring people’s choice will only split society: Survey of Thai voters

The survey also showed that some people still hope Thai politics will improve even though the country’s democracy is defective.

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July 24, 2023

BANGKOK – This estimate is based on a poll conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) among 1,310 people aged 18 and above nationwide from July 11-12.

Here are some responses to questions Nida asked:

Will the process of forming a new government cause conflict in Thai society?

• 37.10%: Yes

• 26.64%: Maybe

• 20.15%: No

• 16.03%: Maybe not

• 0.08%: Not sure/not interested

How long do you think the new government will last?

• 60.53%: Complete its four-year term

• 15.34%: Around two years

• 11.91%: Around a year

• 6.95%: No more than six months

• 3.28%: Around three years

• 1.99%: Not sure/not interested

Separately, a second poll conducted by Suan Dusit Poll said conflicts over who will become the next premier will create problems. This poll was conducted among 1,809 people nationwide from July 20-22.

Here are some answers to the questions posed:

What are your thoughts on the conflicts in joint parliamentary voting for PM? (top three multiple choices)

• 71.73%: Will cause problems in society

• 67.90%: Bored of Thai politics as there is no development

• 62.23%: Will have an impact on the economy and people’s livelihoods

What is the cause of conflict? (top three multiple choices)

• 74.21%: Ouster

• 63.76%: Senators

• 62.42%: Rejection of people’s vote

How can the conflict be solved? (top three multiple choices)

• 77.39%: Acceptance of the people’s vote

• 57.97%: Seek mutual cooperation in a peaceful manner

• 47.10%: Mutual respect based on people’s interest

What lessons can be learned from this conflict? (top three mutual choices)

• 64.13%: People should respect one another despite political differences

• 59.17%: Age gap influences differences in political views

• 55.16%: It will be tough to improve Thai democracy

How will joint parliamentary voting affect Thai politics?

• 40.63%: Will worsen it

• 33.72%: Will do nothing

• 25.65%: Will improve it

Asst Prof Unchalee Rattana, a lecturer at Suan Dusit University’s School of Law and Politics, said even though Thais are bored of the state of politics, they hope the political situation will improve if all parties work together to address people’s interests.

The survey also showed that some people still hope Thai politics will improve even though the country’s democracy is defective, she added.

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