Pet-friendly flight to Chiang Mai is a howling success

Around 50 dogs flew with their delighted owners from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

The Nation

The Nation



September 1, 2022

BANGKOK – The Nok Air flight, which flew from Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok to Chiang Mai International Airport on Tuesday, carried several popular influencers and actresses.

Organised by pet food company JerHigh, it was a chartered flight that transported the most dogs so far in Thailand.

Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association president Pacha Rattanaphan welcomed the flight by organising pet-friendly accommodations and restaurant visits.

Pacha said Thailand is campaigning for allowing dogs on flights seated next to their owners, but accommodations or restaurants still do not accept passengers with pets.

However, more and more accommodations or restaurants, especially in Chiang Mai, are beginning to welcome them

He said this would be another tourism group to generate revenue for the province.

Pacha was delighted with the flight as he usually brings along his pet to Chiang Mai while flying to the province, but this was the first time his pet was able to sit beside him.

He said his dog did not look scared or timid during the flight.

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