PM Anwar demands apology from Baling MP over alleged Israel links

MP Hassan Saad has been given three days to apologise for his remarks over social media that the Prime Minister was in contact with Israel.


November 30, 2022

PETALING JAYA – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has issued a three-day deadline for Baling MP Hassan Saad to apologise over allegations on social media that the Prime Minister was in contact with Israel.

In a letter of demand by law firm SN Nair and Partners, Anwar is also seeking a retraction of the audio post on Twitter by “Mohd Ropi Mat Sin” on Nov 27.

In the legal letter sighted by The Star, Anwar claimed that he was defamed by the audio clip uploaded on Twitter.

“Our client stresses that the defamatory words and audio clip which was published has been made maliciously.

“The slanderous words and audio is defamatory and slanderous towards our client,” the letter read.

The Baling MP has three days beginning Tuesday (Nov 29), to provide a written confirmation if he was not involved over the allegations, to the Prime Minister’s legal team.

If there was no response, Anwar said his legal team would consider it as an admission by the Perikatan Nasional MP and legal action would be taken.

Anwar is seeking damages and legal costs, and also wants a written undertaking from Hassan not to repeat the allegations any further.

Anwar’s counsel SN Nair also confirmed that the letter of demand was sent to Hassan on Tuesday (Nov 29).

As of Tuesday (Nov 29), the audio clip – which was retweeted by “Pemikir Malaysia” – has garnered nearly 440,000 views and more than 4,800 reactions.

Attempts are being made to contact Hassan.

In the audio clip, an unidentified woman with a northern dialect had claimed that Hassan made the allegations concerning Anwar and Israel.

According to an English daily, Hassan denied any involvement in the viral audio recording, claiming that there was Israeli influence on the appointment of Anwar as premier.

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