PM Modi appeals to MP voters to give BJP another chance in open letter

PM Modi reminded voters that the development model of the BJP-ruled state has become a benchmark for the entire country, with a focus on the welfare of the poor, women empowerment, and holistic development.


File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PHOTO: IANS/ THE STATESMAN

October 20, 2023

NEW DELHI – Ahead of the November 17 assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written an open letter to the voters of Madhya Pradesh, asking them give another chance to the BJP’s “double engine government” – a reference to the same party government in the state and at the Centre.

“I have full confidence that you will extend your support to me in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections and this time we will form a double-engine government,” PM Modi wrote in his letter.

In his letter, the prime minister highlighted the “transformation” of Madhya Pradesh from a “bimaru state to a strong, prosperous and self reliant” one in the last 20 years of the BJP rule.

“The progress that Madhya Pradesh has made is a matter of great joy for us. In the last 20 years, Madhya Pradesh has transformed from a sick state to a strong, prosperous, and self-reliant one,” PM Modi wrote.

The prime minister reminded the voters of Madhya Pradesh before 2003 – a state, he claimed, lacked basic amenities and listed the achievements of the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led BJP government.

“Who can forget the times before 2003 when the state lacked basic amenities? In these 20 years, under the leadership of Chief Minister Chouhan, significant developments have taken place, with the construction of over a lakh kilometres of roads, over 16% economic growth, water connections to more than a lakh homes, and the generation of 28,000 megawatts of energy,” PM Modi stated further in his letter.

He added that development model of the BJP-ruled state has become a benchmark for the entire country, with a focus on the welfare of the poor, women empowerment, and holistic development.

“The BJP government has implemented schemes for every section of society, which have brought more than 1.36 crore people above the poverty line in Madhya Pradesh. We have worked towards the dedication of sisters and the realization of Lalit Lakshyam. The current well-being of Madhya Pradesh’s farmers and youth is due to the proactive welfare schemes, and they are witnessing a brighter future,” PM Modi added.

In his open letter, the PM alleged that the state faced many development handicaps before 2014 when the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) was in power at the Centre.

“We have not only given a bright future to Madhya Pradesh but also preserved its glorious history. It is your tireless efforts and the double-engine government that have led Madhya Pradesh to become one of India’s top three economies,” PM Modi said.

Modi expressing confidence in Madhya Pradesh voters that they will bless him with their unwavering support and BJP will once again form government in the state.

“I have always had a special connection with Madhya Pradesh, and due to this, you showered boundless love on me and secured an unprecedented victory for the BJP in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections. I am confident that in the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, you will extend your unwavering support to me, and with your trust in the BJP, we will form a double-engine government once again. Wishing you a prosperous future,” he added.

Madhya Pradesh will go to polls on November 19 and the counting of votes, along with those of four other poll-bound states, will take place on December 3.

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