Relaxed visa policy a new milestone in Vietnam-Hong Kong ties: Experts

Experts said Hong Kong’s market opening for Vietnam's skilled workers as well as multiple-entry visas valid for 24 months for Vietnamese enterprises and visitors were a result of the sound coordination between authorities.

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December 21, 2023

HONG KONG — The easing of the visa policy for Vietnamese citizens by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China from October 25 is one of the highlight’s in the relations between the two sides in 2023.

Experts said Hong Kong’s market opening for Việt Nam’s skilled workers as well as multiple-entry visas valid for 24 months for Vietnamese enterprises and visitors were a result of the sound coordination between authorities.

In nearly three years, the General Consulate of Việt Nam persistently worked with relevant authorities, associations, enterprises and individuals in Hong Kong to mobilise the administration to change its policy for Vietnamese workers, while coordinating with Vietnamese agencies to handle shortcomings that Hong Kong has been interested in.

They held that the change in Hong Kong policy meets the territory’s demand for high-quality labourers, and offers job opportunities and facilitates travel for Vietnamese businessmen and citizens.

Vice Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries Anthony Lam said it is amazing that Hong Kong opened its labour market to Việt Nam, describing it as a major flaw between the two sides that needs a long-term negotiation.

Việt Nam and Hong Kong have enjoyed thriving trade and investment ties, with average growth of 14.5 per cent over the past five years, he said, adding labour exchange between the two sides has an important role to play.

Demand for connectivity and people-to-people exchange between the two will increase as Hong Kong is a financial hub not only in the region but also the whole world while Vietnam has provided a lot of IT services for Hong Kong.

Given this context, he said, easier travel will enhance cooperation.

He said Việt Nam is a potential market where Hong Kong firms could find development opportunities, adding Hong Kong’s investment in Vietnam will increase in the coming time with the latter becoming an important production base in the world.

Doãn Quỳnh Linh, a lawyer who has been living and working in Hong Kong for nearly 16 years, said the visa relaxation will open up a new page in the Việt Nam-Hong Kong relations.

With this new policy, the Vietnamese community in Hong Kong will be expanded, making contributions to the economic development in the host territory and the Việt Nam-Hong Kong relations, she added.

Hong Kong is an ideal fund raising hub for Vietnamese firms who wants to expand their business, she said, stating they can send their experts and managers to Hong Kong for work while international firms based in Hong Kong can invite Vietnamese experts to Hong Kong for exchange and research.

Additionally, education cooperation between Việt Nam and Hong Kong has witnessed rosy developments over years.

Boasting the world’s leading education establishments, open and dynamic economy, and policies to attract talents, Hong Kong has offered various opportunities to foreign students to pursue study and work there.

The Vietnamese General Consulate has worked with universities in Hong Kong and mobilised them to enhance admissions and provide scholarships for Vietnamese students.

Assoc.Prof. Phan Quang Tuấn from the Hong Kong University’s Business School and head of the Hong Kong University’s representative office in Việt Nam held that the Vietnamese diplomatic agency has an important role to play in removing visa bottlenecks for Vietnamese citizens. This is a good opportunity for Vietnamese students, parents and businessmen who will contribute to the relations in various areas, particularly economy, education and tourism, he said. — VNS

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