Thailand’s politics in limbo, unchanged over past 5 years: Survey

76% of those surveyed also felt that transparent elections would further develop Thailand's democracy.

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The Nation



December 19, 2022

BANGKOK – The result of the December 11-14 online survey of 1,157 respondents was published on Sunday. Participants were allowed to choose more than one answer.

Here are some of the questions and responses:

What do you think about Thai politics over the past five years?

• 47.02%: Unchanged

• 44.68%: Worsened

• 8.30%: Improved

What kind of politicians do you like?

• 79.22%: Who are responsible and can tackle problems quickly

• 77.83%: Who are honest and not greedy for power and benefits

• 76.70%: Who are good in management and knowledgeable

What kind of politicians do you not like?

• 87.50%: Who don’t keep their promises and attack others

• 83.68%: Who misuse authority

• 78.99%: Who are not transparent

What kind of political parties do you like?

• 91.57%: Are transparent and obey the law

• 84.10%: Are united and have a clear stance

• 82.71%: Have knowledgeable members and can create high-quality politicians

What issues do you want politicians to solve?

• 76.78%: Corruption

• 68.17%: Economy

• 67.22%: People’s welfare

What do you think will help further develop Thailand’s democracy?

• 76.65%: Transparent elections

• 69.97%: Freedom of speech

• 68.49%: Awareness of true democracy.

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