US semiconductor association calls for tensions to ease between US, China

The association said that allowing the industry to have continued access to the Chinese market is important to the US chip sector.


Semiconductor chips are seen on a printed circuit board in this illustration picture taken Feb 17, 2023. [Photo/Agencies]

July 19, 2023

BEIJING – The Semiconductor Industry Association in the United States said on Monday local time that potential additional government restrictions on semiconductors will risk diminishing the US semiconductor industry’s competitiveness, disrupting supply chains, therefore causing significant market uncertainty.

Allowing the industry to have continued access to the Chinese market, the world’s largest commercial market for commodity semiconductors, is important to the US chip sector, the SIA said in a statement.

“We call on both governments to ease tensions and seek solutions through dialogue, not further escalation,” SIA said.

“And we urge the administration to refrain from further restrictions until it engages more extensively with industry experts to assess the impact of current and potential restrictions to determine whether they are narrow and clearly defined, consistently applied, and fully coordinated with allies,” SIA added.

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