Virtual Reality escapes: Exploring travel and adventure from home

VR has added a new dimension to "armchair travel" which is the concept of exploring the world without leaving home.

Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz

The Daily Star


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December 5, 2023

DHAKA – Exploring the world from the comforts of our home has been this beautiful option that is always available to us. Just think about it. At first it was books and then we got introduced to television. However, as amazing a service as armchair travelling has given to us, it pales in comparison to what virtual reality offers. They are quite literally blurring the boundaries between the physical

and the digital world and giving us the luxury to satiate our wanderlust in ways that we never thought possible.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how far Virtual Reality escapes have come and all the potential it has to turn into something even greater.

Armchair travelling revamped

Not too long ago, virtual reality was a concept that only existed in science fiction. Today, it is a reality accessible to the masses that provides a sense of immersion that can only be beaten by actually being physically present in that exact place.

VR has added a new dimension to “armchair travel” which is the concept of exploring the world without leaving home. It has transformed it from a concept that relied heavily on imagination to a concept that brings any adventure or any thrilling places that you can think of to you.

A portal to travel without limitations  

There is a plethora of advantages that VR offers us when it comes to travelling. From mitigating the hassle of visas and tickets to the actual act, no longer will you be bound by physical, logistical, and geographical limitations. Want to see Times Square, just put your VR set on. Want to visit the top of the Himalayas, VR got you covered. Any place you want to visit, any

location you can think of is right here at your disposal. What’s even more remarkable is the fact

that these are not just mere simulations, VR allows you to explore with a great deal of authenticity and realism which is supplemented by stunning 360-degree visuals and immersive soundscapes to induce a genuine sense of place.

At present oculus, the most popularly used VR headset, has over 50 apps related to travelling.

Creating a more united world

The sense of borderless travelling being created by VR may have greater implications than just being able to see the world from the comforts of our homes for entertainment purposes. It can genuinely help us connect to the rest of the world and bring us closer to its people.

You can witness the places that got dealt the rougher end of climate change. You can have a closer look at the numerous endangered wildlife species and how they are suffering. All in all, VR travelling experience can help cultivate a deeper understanding of global issues and can bridge gaps between countries and cultures making the world more borderless and united in the process. The sky is indeed the limit.

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