What would happen if a nuclear warhead exploded in Bangkok?

As many as 234,940 people would die and some 633,060 would be injured, according to an estimate posted on Facebook.

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The Nation



March 3, 2022

BANGKOK – The estimate said that 1.93 million people would die within 24 hours of detonation.

The page cited NukeMap website simulation on what would happen if a 150-kiloton nuclear warhead hit Bangkok’s Democracy Monument.

“The simulation came following concerns over whether a nuclear warhead will be used in the war between Ukraine and Russia,” the page said, adding that it did not expect the warhead to be used.

The page explained the impact of a nuclear warhead explosion over different distances as follows:

— Fireball radius of 0.59km: Anything inside the fireball will effectively be vaporised.

— Heavy blast damage radius of 1.16km: Heavily built concrete buildings will be severely damaged or demolished with 100 per cent fatalities.

— Radiation radius of 1.94km: Some 15 per cent of survivors will eventually die of cancer as a result of radioactive particle exposure in about a month.

— Moderate blast damage radius of 2.43km: Injuries and deaths are expected to be widespread due to collapse of residential buildings and fire.

— Thermal radiation radius of 4.67km: Third-degree burns on survivors’ skin would cause severe scarring or disablement, and could require amputation.

— Light blast damage radius of 6.25km: Glass windows would break and cause many injuries in surrounding population who will come to the window on seeing the flash of a nuclear explosion.

“In addition, the wind would cause radioactive particles to spread to other provinces,” the page said, adding that it would be hard to evaluate the nuclear fallout as it depends on people’s behaviour as well.

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