Wild sunflowers in bloom in northwestern Dien Bien Province of Vietnam

The flower grows alone or in clusters, and the buds at the beginning of winter.

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Wild Sunflowers in full bloom. VNA/VNS Photos Xuân Tư

November 28, 2022

HANOI – Now is the best time for tourists to visit the northwestern mountainous province of Điện Biên to see wild sunflowers. The bright yellow species grow not only in the Central Highland City of Đà Lạt – the city of flowers – but also in the country’s most northwestern mountainous region.

The wild sunflower is a shrub with an average height of about 2m – 3m. Its plant stem is dark green and erect. When the trunk turns to wood, it is grey-brown. It grows alone or in clusters, and the buds bloom at the beginning of winter.

In the past, the wild sunflower grew high in the mountains, but now it can be found along the roads of Điện Biên Province and in the districts of Mường Nhé, Mường Áng and Điện Biên Đông.

Between November and December in Điện Biên Province, when the weather starts to change seasons, the sunflowers give a rustic beauty in the cold of winter. – VNS

Wild sunflowers bloom from November to December every year.

Young tourists like taking photos with wild sunflowers in Điện Biên Province.

Wild sunflowers have grown a lot on the roads to Điện Biên Phủ City.

Wild sunflower have a vibrant yellow.

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