Y+ Security to Shah Rukh Khan Over Death Threats

Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan receives the top level Y+ security cover after reporting death threats following blockbuster movie success.

Statesman News Service

Statesman News Service

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File photo of actor Shah Rukh Khan. PHOTO: THE STATESMAN

October 11, 2023

NEW DELHI – Shah Rukh Khan has been granted enhanced Y+ security by the Mumbai Police due to concerns over death threats he has received following the success of his recent movies, ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’. The decision to upgrade his security was taken after he reported these threats to the authorities.

Under the newly provided Y+ security cover, Shah Rukh Khan will be accompanied by a team of armed security personnel who will ensure his safety around the clock. This is a significant increase from his previous security detail, which consisted of only two personnel.

As part of his upgraded security, Shah Rukh Khan will now walk along with 11 security personnel in total. This team includes six commandos, four police personnel, and a dedicated traffic clearance vehicle. Furthermore, police personnel will station themselves at Mannat, the actor’s residence.

Security personnel will be on a payment basis, and security measures will remain in place until high-level and review committees make further recommendations and decisions.

Why did Shah Rukh ask for Y+ security?

The actor’s request for additional security came in the form of a written complaint to the Maharashtra state government, where he expressed his apprehensions about the threats he had been receiving in the aftermath of his consecutive blockbuster releases.

In response to Khan’s concerns, the Maharashtra government took swift action. The Maharashtra State Intelligence Department issued orders to all police commissionerates, district police, and special protection units (SPUs). The objective was to provide Shah Rukh Khan with Y+ category security immediately.

This isn’t the first time Shah Rukh Khan has faced such security concerns. Back in 2010, after the release of his film ‘My Name Is Khan,’ he also received death threats. The Y+ security package costs 15 lakh rupees per month. The Maharashtra government provides it in accordance with its policy. In such cases, citizens need to pay a fee or deposit a security amount for their protection.

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