371 people studied abroad with State Educational Fund loan but did not return to work in Mongolia

Violations such as officials not fulfilling their duties, misusing their positions, and carelessly handling other people's materials were found in the implementation of the Fund.

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October 31, 2023

Ulaanbaatar – On October 25, the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia informed about the progress of the investigation of some recent cases such as coal theft, green buses, educational fund loan, and doping.

About the State education fund loan case, 2 investigation cases and 8 case registration cases are currently under investigation.The Development Bank and the State Education Fund Loan are good examples for countries around the world, but many violations were found in implementation in Mongolia.

A total of 3069 people took loans from the State Educational Fund and studied abroad. Violations such as officials related to the Fund did not fulfill their duties, misused their positions, and carelessly handled other people’s materials. In the past, 941 people were exempted from the loan without any legal framework for exempting the debts of people who studied with loans and worked productively in their professions. It was found that 371 of these people did not come and work in Mongolia.

The violations also include lack of English scores, not returning to the country, not paying social insurance fee, not studying in priority areas, and lack of collateral.

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