8 podcasts worth listening to while driving

From 90's music dissected to a daily discussion of stoicism, here are 8 podcasts recommended by Inquirer staff to help pass time the next time you find yourself middle of a traffic jam.


August 16, 2022

MANILA – For whatever reason, time seems to pass the slowest when you’re seething in the middle of a traffic jam. It’s the universal peril we love to hate, but when we find ourselves in the occasional jam, we recommend putting on a good podcast for some in-transit entertainment.

60 Songs That Explain the ‘90s with The Ringer

“This podcast is great, especially if you love ‘90s music or grew up in the 90s, as I did (as a woman slowly abandoning my youth). Host and music critic Rob Harvilla dissects and analyzes the songs, shares his personal stories, and dives deeper into the artists and the listeners that love them. It’s funny, insightful, and unapologetically nerdy. Listen to the “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey episode, you won’t regret it.” – Nimu, Creative Director

Today, Explained with Vox

“The AM radio station was a staple during my morning car rides to work prior to the pandemic. Listening to “Today, Explained” satisfies that daily habit. This podcast from Vox breaks down the breaking news from all around the world one episode at a time. Noel King, Sean Rameswaram and the whole Vox Team take on essential stories of our society’s present day woes and wins through insightful conversations with journalists, academics, and experts from all areas. Aside from the reporting, I appreciate the humor, the friendly banter, and some occasional skits incorporated in these 20 minute long episodes. ” – Ella, Graphic Designer

How Long Gone with Chris Black & Jason Stewart

“A general interest podcast hosted and guested by members of the “bi-coastal elite” (think industry insiders based in New York and Los Angeles), How Long Gone provides insightful cultural commentary about everything from celebrity minutiae to the latest trends. Sharp and blunt – the hour-long episodes give you a pulse in my daily commute.” – Lex, Features Editor

The Daily Stoic with Ryan Holiday

“A day in my life would not be complete without my daily dose of self reflection and meditation guided by Ryan Holiday. The podcast “The Daily Stoic” is a more in-depth discussion of stoism rather than the page-a-day style the book offers. Like the book, one is meant to listen to a single episode daily with each one just 2-3 minutes long teaching Stoic inspired meditation designed to help you ”live your best life” as the stoics would say. A couple times a week they also feature interviews with guests varying from celebrities, pop-stars, olympians, best-selling authors and many more. Each episode offers thought provoking commentary and inspirational classical wisdom with applications to the modern world to help listeners find serenity and self knowledge. After consistently listening to “The Daily Stoic” I find myself reflecting on my thoughts and actions even when I am doing the most mundane everyday task like doing my skincare routine.” –Coco, Editorial Assistant

The Cutting Room Floor with Recho Omondi

“Prior to the pandemic, I hardly ever took the time to listen to podcasts. However, as time passed by and after 51 new hobbies later, I found that listening to them brought a sense of calm and therapy amidst such trying times. The Cutting Room Floor hosted by designer Recho Omondi was one of the podcasts I stumbled upon at the height of lockdown. A mix of feel-good banter and insider knowledge, the podcast takes a deep dive into the intricacies of the fashion industry. With guests such as Leandra Medine, former founder of the blog “The Man Repeller”, Fashion Designers Christoper John Rogers & Peter Do, and Tony Lu & Lindsey Schuyler, the duo behind infamous fashion vigilante account @diet_prada.”– Soph, Editorial Assistant

Beyond the Garment with Drew Joiner

“Speaking as a fashion-obsessed zoomer, Beyond the Garment with Drew Joiner is my go-to insider source for street and menswear gems right under the average enthusiast’s nose. What’s special about the program is the range of topics covered by showrunner Drew Joiner, who has been around the block with his work for his YouTube channel, his magazine Small Hours Magazine, and his fashion brand Edward Joiner. Whether it be through hour-long dialogues with fashion’s understated creatives or introspective audiobytes on society and culture by the showrunner himself, this podcast never fails to make me excited about what’s coming to fashion. Drew also has a soothing way of speaking which gives the show an added buff for keeping road rage at bay.”– Hannah, Editorial Intern

Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press

“Podcast— Wardrobe Crisis features a ton of international guests in the fashion industry that talk about the main issues that the industry faces on a day to day basis. Each week, host Clare Press— Vogue’s first sustainability editor, interviews icons with the main focus being sustainability and ethical fashion, blaring trying to make a difference in the world and allowing us to be a part of the change. To date, there have been 167 episodes and each week the topic heightens great interest. “With more than 1 million downloads, our audience is global and includes key industry leaders, fashion decision makers, students and influencers but most importantly – everyday people like you and me who care about creating a more just, equitable, ecologically and socially aware world.” – Tamanna, Editorial Intern

Stefanie and Joan’s Beauty Bar

“Stefanie and Joan’s Beauty Bar explores the world of beauty and treating yourself right. Stefanie Michova, model & photographer, and Joan Kim, beauty & lifestyle content creator, sit us down to unpack their experiences from working and living in South Korea, the land known for its evergrowing beauty industry. The duo walks us through the ins and outs of skincare, health, and make-up, including talks about trends, beauty standards, and how all of these come into play in the world of entertainment, fashion, and modeling among many others. It’s the best podcast for fellow beauty enthusiasts who just want a good balance of entertainment and additional knowledge to get you through long car rides.”– Monique, Editorial Intern

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