Airlangga targets Golkar win in 2024 general election

Airlangga said that the percentage of popular vote would roughly translate into 115 seats in the House of Representatives.


Golkar Party Chairperson Airlangga Hartarto (front center) together with the management of the Golkar Party after the Extraordinary National Conference (Munaslub) 2017 at the Golkar Party DPP Office, Jakarta, Monday (1/22/2018). The management structure of the Golkar Party for the 2018-2019 period resulting from restructuring and revitalization totaling 251 people was slimmer than before as many as 305 people. (JP/Dhoni Setiawan)

October 21, 2022

JAKARTA – Chairman of Golkar Party Airlangga Hartarto said he expected Golkar to come out on top in the 2024 legislative elections by garnering at least 20 percent of the popular vote.

Airlangga said that this percentage would translate roughly into 115 seats at the House of Representatives.

Speaking during an event to celebrate the party’s 58th anniversary on Thursday, Airlangga also expressed his optimism that the party would win in at least 60 percent of regions in the local elections.

“The target for Golkar in 2024 is to win. You know what winning means? In sports the color of victory is gold. And the color of gold is yellow,” Airlangga said, referring to the party’s official color.

In the 2019 general elections, Golkar came in third position with 12.31 percent of the popular vote, after Gerindra Party, which garnered 12.57 percent.

Golkar, however, collected 85 seats at the House against Gerindra’s 78. The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) came first in 2019 with 19.33 percent of the votes. PDI-P gets 128 legislative seats.

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