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Bangladesh to benefit from coronavirus fallout: survey

Study says globally renowned companies are planning to shift work orders from China to other Asian countries, including Bangladesh.


Shortage of Masks, Handwash due to panic- buying: Leave some for everyone

Despite repeated calls by global and local health experts and warnings from government, panic-buying grips the country.


Human trafficking: special tribunals to ensure speedy trials in Bangladesh

Over 4,700 human trafficking cases are now pending, Law Minister Anisul Huq said, expecting that the tribunals, once set up, will try the human traffickers to check such incidents.


EDITORIAL: Rohingya boat capsize a tragic and needless loss of life

Authorities must take immediate steps to protect refugees from trafficking.


Bangladeshi scientist wins prestigious L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award

Bangladeshi scientist Dr Firdausi Qadri, head of the Mucosal Immunology and Vaccinology unit of International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease and Research, was selected as the best scientist in Asia-Pacific region during the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.


Bangladesh: Foreigners siphon off US$3.1 billion a year

Finds Transparency International Bangladesh study on expats working in Bangladesh.


Atrocities on Rohingyas: ICC launches investigation

This announcement by the ICC comes at a time when the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has issued a preliminary ruling against Myanmar, imposing four provisional measures against the state.


EDITORIAL: Govt’s move to allow Rohingya children formal education

The government’s move to allow formal education for Rohingya children is a step in the right direction.


Rohingya Genocide: EU wants Myanmar to follow ICJ order

The World Court ordered Myanmar to protect Rohingyas and not to destroy the evidences of the crimes committed against them during a military campaign since August 2017, when some 750,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh.

Coronavirus Fallout: Mega projects may suffer for Chinese staff’s absence

Many Chinese nationals working under several mega development projects are now home on leave to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


Press Myanmar to comply with the ICJ order

The ICJ order Global rights bodies urge international community  to press Myanmar to comply with the issued order to protect Rohingyas in Rakhine from the acts of possible genocide.


Environmental concerns: Bangladesh court orders halt of production, use of laminated posters in polls

The High court issued a suo moto (voluntary) move in the wake of a report published in The Daily Star on Wednesday under the headline “Laminated posters in city polls: A big threat to the environment”.


Rohingya Genocide Case: ICJ ruling today

In response to The Gambia’s seeking provisional measures to stop genocide against the Rohingyas in Myanmar’s Rakhine, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is set to deliver an order today.


Warrant against prominent editor: Bangladesh’s Editors’ Council expresses concern

The council in a statement said the arrest warrant for the prominent editor was “an attempt to intimidate and harass the press and the journalists concerned.


Myanmar to be sincere in implementing Rohingya repatriation deal

This according to the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister.


10 US senators criticise Suu Kyi for representing military’s interest

Suu Kyi is in the Hague defending Myanmar from genocide accusations.


Arguments strong enough to convince judges: expert

Myanmar at The Hague for genocide.

Analysis, Headline-1

Rohingya Crisis Fallout

Transparency International Bangladesh has painted a grim outlook for the crisis.

Environment, Headline-1

Climate Change: Bangladesh 7th worst-hit nation

The country is at risk from cyclones and flooding.

Culture and society

Relentless against child marriage

Farida Yesmin wins an award for her work to prevent child marriage.


NO MERCY for café attack perpetrators

Sentencing 7 militants to death, court says Holey Artisan attack was designed to assassinate the non-communal character of Bangladesh.


Beijing to push for early Rohingya repatriation

Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka Li Jiming yesterday said China, utilising its traditional friendship with Bangladesh and Myanmar, will do whatever it can to help alleviate the Rohingya crisis and push forward their “early” repatriation.

Culture and society

Bangladesh charges 25 in student’s death

‘They sought to strike terror into students’.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

Myanmar sued for genocide

On behalf of OIC, Gambia files the case at Int’l Court of Justice seeking orders to stop atrocities on Rohingyas immediately.

Environment, Headline-2

Cyclone Bulbul claims 7 lives in Bangladesh

The cyclone made landfall on Sunday.


US slams Myanmar over inaction

Myanmar has done little for the repatriation of Rohingyas.


Rohingya Crisis: Asean leaders for durable solution

The Rohingya crisis has divided members of ASEAN.

Current affairs, Politics

Bangladesh War Crimes trial: 29 cases still pending with the top court

Many of the defendants are part of militant groups.


Bangladesh, China, Myanmar to jointly evaluate progress over Rohingya repatriation

Repatriation has been a trickle with many parties accusing Myanmar of dragging its feet.

Culture and society

Religious violence in Bangladesh leaves 4 dead, dozens injured

The violence was sparked by social media posts.

Culture and society, Current affairs

No to terrorism, communalism

Still smarting from brutal murder of Abrar, Buet students vow to resist repeat of such incidents.

Culture and society, Economics

Bengali Nobel laureate Abhijit at a glance

Abhijit Banerjee shared the Nobel Prize for economics.

Current affairs

Student murder fallout: University can ban student politics if it wants, says Bangladesh PM

Protests have flared in the wake of the murder of a student at a prominent Bangladesh university over a Facebook post critical of Dhaka’s water-sharing deal with India, allegedly by members of the ruling party’s student wing; PM Sheikh Hasina has responded by saying the university can ban student politics on campus if it wants and clarified the terms of the India pact.


Dhaka: Greenery on rent in the concrete jungle

Where there is demand, there is supply – nursery owners in Bangladesh’s capital provide plants on rent, opening up a business avenue for themselves while taking a load off corporate offices, banks, and restaurants that want to spruce up their premises without having to worry about upkeep.


The looming climate crisis: Where is our Greta Thunberg?

The level of change in the climate that humans have already caused can no longer be labelled an innocuous “climate change” but rather a pernicious “climate crisis”.


Rohingyas in Voter List: EC staffers, fraud ring behind it

Electoral fraud sees Rohingya on voting list.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Rohingyas inside Myanmar still facing genocide threat: UN report

The report outlines a grim future for 600,000 or so Rohingya still trapped in Myanmar.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

Myanmar failed to convince Rohingyas: FM

No repatriation has occurred despite Myanmar promises.


14 Rohingyas detained in Chattogram

Bangladesh has begun reclaiming lands occupied by the refugees.


Curfew-like restrictions re-imposed in Kashmir

It is designed to foil Muharram procession.

Diplomacy, Politics

Bangladesh to relocate Rohingya refugees to a island

International actors told to stay out of decision.

Current affairs, Politics

No SIM card for Rohingyas

BTRC tells mobile phone operators to stop providing sim cards in refugee camps.

Diplomacy, Headline-1

Be more active, aggressive, says Dhaka

Dhaka urges int’l community to help hammer out sustainable solution to Rohingya crisis.

Culture and society

Bangladesh failed to protect ethnic minorities

Bangladesh’s minorities are leaving as central government fails to protect them.

Current affairs, News

Curbing Rohingya Crimes: New police unit on cards

The unit will patrol refugee camps for crimes being committed.

Diplomacy, Politics

It’s Myanmar’s failure

Bangladesh on Rohingyas’ unwillingness to return, asks Myanmar to fulfil its obligations, commitment.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Rohingya repatriation fails

None of the refugees wished to return to Myanmar.

Current affairs

More than 2,000 people displaced, 19 killed in Myanmar fighting

Ethnic clashes have continued in northern Myanmar.

Current affairs, Environment

Dengue Prevalence, Infection: Upscale areas more prone

Crowded areas are most prevalent to dengue fever.


Effective mosquito repellent due in 4 days: Quader

Bangladesh has been facing a dengue epidemic.

Culture and society, Politics

Bangladesh denies torture in its custody

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the statement in an interview with the BBC.

Culture and society, Headline-2

826 children raped, abused in 6 months in Bangladesh

224 of the abused children were killed after rape.

Current affairs, Environment

Dengue cases keep rising keep rising in Bangladesh

Record 473 people hospitalised in a day; demand for blood spikes.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Beijing wants implementation of Rohingya repatriation deal

The deal was presumed dead after Myanmar failed to meet certain conditions.

Current affairs, Headline-1

24.2m underfed in Bangladesh

The report says more people undernourished than decade ago.


Bangladesh want Malaysian dealing with Rohingya

Solving Rohingya Crisis: Dhaka wants stronger role of Kuala Lumpur.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

Rohingya crisis reaches impasse at UN

‘UN couldn’t take strong decision due to lack of consensus’.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Editors Guild of India condemns arrest of journalist

The journalist was arrested in relations to a television report.

Diplomacy, Headline-2

OIC considers legal action against Myanmar

The Organization of Islamic Countries is considering legal action against Myanmar over Rohingya atrocities.

Diplomacy, Economics, Headline-2

Belt and Road Initiative and what’s in it for Bangladesh

As one of the key countries in China’s infrastructure program, what lays in store for Bangladesh.

Current affairs, Economics

Rice prices hit 3-year low in Bangladesh

Good harvest, healthy stocks main reasons for lower prices.

Culture and society, Economics, Headline-2

Bangladeshis will be richer than Indians by 2030

This according to a new report by Standard Chartered bank.

Culture and society

37 Bangladeshis confirmed dead in Tunisia migrant boat capsize

The news was confirmed by the Bangladesh mission to Tripoli.

Current affairs

2 killed in raid on militant hideout

Bangladesh security officials have stepped up their operations after Sri Lanka attack.

Current affairs

Bangladesh told to stay alert for terror attacks

The warning comes after a wave of deadly bombings in Sri Lanka.

Diplomacy, Politics

Hasina warns against exploiting Rohingyas

Bangladesh say that Rohingya youth are susceptible to influence.


Negotiation, not conflict in Rohingya crisis

Bangladesh PM says Rohingya crisis to be solved through talks with Myanmar.

Analysis, Diplomacy

Bangladesh will not relocate Rohingyas

Foreign minister says won’t relocate Rohingyas if stakeholders don’t agree.

Culture and society

Interview with Arundhati Roy

‘Whether we win or lose, we are not going to be on their side’.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Dhaka Fire: Rescue called off, death toll 70

Authorities have called off rescue operation after a deadly fire in Dhaka’s old town which has claimed lives of at least 70 people.

Current affairs, Headline-1

Feature: ‘This is my brother, have you found his body?’

In the chaos of eerie wails and hustling around the Dhaka Medical College Hospital stood a man holding a picture and asking around in despair.

Current affairs, Politics

200 Myanmar Buddhist flee violence into Bangladesh

The refugees were fleeing from clashes between the central government and a separatist group.

Current affairs, Diplomacy

Rohingya issue will not be solved easily

Bangladeshi foreign minister says the road to a solution will be long and paved with difficulty.

Culture and society, Current affairs

Reuters journalists to remain in jail

Myanmar court rejects appeal against 7-yr sentences; ruling decried as another injustice.

Opinion, Politics

Previewing Sheikh Hasina’s fourth term

A unanimous poll decision leaves Sheikh Hasina with many decisions to make.


Ruling party wins polls in Bangladesh

Poll violence claims over 15 lives as ruling party holds on to power.


Bangladesh heads back to polls

For democracy to thrive in the country, the polls must be contested freely and fairly.

Analysis, Culture and society

Bangladesh most gender equal country in South Asia

Close behind is Sri Lanka at second place with Pakistan lagging far behind.

Analysis, Environment

Bangladesh 7th most vulnerable to climate change

A new study says the South Asian country faces massive challenges due to climate change and global warming.


Rohingya refugees refuse repatriation

Repatriation postponed as Rohingyas feel return to Myanmar still not safe.

Analysis, Diplomacy

‘Forced repatriation’ to pose security risk

International crisis warns that forced repatriation of Rohingya refugees could pose serious security risks.

Diplomacy, Politics

Suu Kyi stripped of Amnesty honour

The Amnesty International has stripped Aung San Suu Kyi of its highest honour, the latest of several honours taken away from her since last year’s brutal military crackdown on the Rohingyas.


When Hollywood came calling to Bangladesh

An enchanting tale of opportunity and the silver screen in Bangladesh.


US for voluntary return of Rohingyas

The United States has laid emphasis on voluntary return of Rohingyas as Myanmar.


Bangladesh moving close to self-sufficiency

Premier says the country can implement 90 per cent of the national budget with own funding.


Ending Rohingya Crisis: Bangladesh tables 3 proposals at UN meeting

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday made three recommendations for solving the Rohingya crisis at its root while at the UN meeting in New York.

Analysis, Opinion

Opinion: One Belt, One Road: We must secure our interest

Shah Husain Imam argues in the Daily Star that Bangladesh must put its interests first in joining China’s One Belt, One Road initiative.


Rich in Bangladesh rising faster than anywhere else

Bangladesh has been ranked the fastest growing country with an increasing number of rich in the world.


Bangladesh must hone Rohingya policy

Bangladesh must control the narrative on the Rohingya issue, argues one Daily Star opinion piece.

Diplomacy, Economics

‘7,000 Bangladeshis’ held in Malaysia since January

Malaysian immigration department has detained more than 30,000 undocumented migrants, including an estimated 7,000 Bangladeshis, since January this year.


Bangladesh eases trade union rules

The Cabinet okays labour law amendments in line with suggestions from ILO, EU, US.


Rohingya Genocide: Myanmar planned it long before ARSA attacks

The UN has found that the Myanmar military had planned the Rohingya genocide long before the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) attacked the country’s security personnel.


Myanmar says ICC has no jurisdiction over country

Myanmar said on Thursday that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has no jurisdiction to run a case on atrocities against Rohingyas.


Student protesters arrested in Bangladesh

Students in Bangladesh have been arrested and charged after protesting the road death of two of their peers.


UN urges Bangladesh to halt killing of drug suspects

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein appeals to the Bangladeshi government to halt the extra-judicial killing of drug suspects.

Economics, Opinion

A new Asian tiger?

Bangladesh economy is growing but it’s a jobless growth.


From a high moral ground to a high legal perch

That Bangladesh offered a safe haven to close to a million Rohingya refugees fleeing wholesale persecution from Myanmar put Dhaka on a high moral pedestal.


Rohingya repatriation stuck

Nearly six months have passed since the signing of the Rohingya repatriation deal, but Myanmar is yet to take back a single of the refugees from Bangladesh.


World Bank agrees to grant for Rohingyas

World Bank will give Bangladesh a grant to meet the basic needs of around one million Rohingya refugees.


Promises Myanmar Never Kept

Rohingyas recall previous experiences, to place 13 demands to UNSC for repatriation.

Analysis, Curiosity

Rohingyas, locals unite to prepare for monsoon in vulnerable camps

Rohingyas and local people in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh are racing to prepare for monsoon rains forecast to start as early as this week.

Diplomacy, Opinion

Reimpose sanctions against Myanmar

Bangladeshi senior adviser Gowher Rizvi is calling for the reimposition of sanctions against Myanmar for its role in the Rohingya crisis.