Bangladesh electricity price hike “an anti-people decision”: Gano forum

The government on Jan 31 increased the electricity price by 5 per cent at the retail level, the second hike in 19 days.


February 2, 2023

DHAKA – The government has taken an anti-people decision by increasing the electricity price twice in a month without holding any mass hearing, said Dr Kamal Hossain, president of Gano Forum.

In a joint statement, he said people are already reeling from the unbridled price hike of essentials and inflation.

The government on Tuesday increased the electricity price by 5 percent at the retail level — the second hike in 19 days, as it steadily retracts subsidies from the power sector while piling the burden on common people already struggling with inflation.

On top of that, the continuous price hike of power, gas and energy due to the wrong decision and inappropriate planning in the energy sector will further cause untold sufferings to people, reads a press release.

Dr Kamal has asked the government to form an inquiry commission comprising experts to take an appropriate plan to prevent corruption and wastage in the energy sector.

In the statement, the party has called upon the government to scrap its decision. Gano Forum General Secretary Mizanur Rahman is another signatory of the statement.

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