Bangladesh government doing whatever needed to reduce sufferings: PM Sheikh Hasina

She also reiterated her call to utilise every inch of the land to produce food items.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. File photo

August 31, 2022

DHAKA – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday (August 30, 2022) categorically said that the government is doing whatever is needed to reduce the sufferings of the people due to the current economic situation.

“The Awami League government is ensuring that,” she said while participating in a general discussion on a proposal brought by opposition Jatiya Party MP Mujibul Haque Chunnu.

Chunnu placed the proposal titled — “Parliament is of the opinion that short and long term sustainable measures taken by the government to deal with the problems of Covid-19, global unrest, Ukraine-Russia war, climate change, natural disasters, energy crisis, rising commodity prices should be informed to the nation through discussion in parliament.”

The prime minister briefly described the numerous initiatives of the government to tackle the situation due to the years-long coronavirus pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war and said that the government is taking these steps so that the country does not step into food scarcity.

She also reiterated her call to utilise every inch of the land to produce food items.

In this regard she said that due to the high price of the import items the amount of import expenditure has been raised additional USD 9 billion.

“The steps we have taken are to face the economic crisis across the globe, we are analysing the situation extensively regularly,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also Leader of the House, said that the export incentives will be widened for the export oriented items to increase the export and diversify it.

She regretted that a section of people was always there who wanted to make their fate through extra profits during bad times.

She mentioned that due to the Russia-Ukraine war, sanction and counter sanctions, the whole world has fallen into trouble.

In this regard she mentioned that developed countries have already started austerity to reduce the consumption of energy and other related items.

“Welfare of the people is the biggest matter to us, if people are in pain it gives me pain also,” she said.

She sought cooperation from all and urged all to refrain from confusing people by giving untrue information.

This was for the first time in the recent history of parliament that a general discussion was held in parliament on any public interest issue like price hike of essentials and fuel price.

After around six hours of discussion by at least 23 MPs, the proposal was adopted unanimously in the House in voice vote.

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