Bangladesh has gas reserves for over 11 years: Energy minister

He also noted that the estimated supply remaining will change based on the rate of gas production and discovery of new gas fields,


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November 2, 2022

DHAKA – Considering the average daily production of 2300 million cubic feet of gas, it will be possible to use the remaining gas for the next 10.8 years, State Minister for Power and Energy Nasrul Hamid told the parliament today (November 1, 2022).

In a response to a query from AL MP Shahiduzzaman Sarker, the junior minister said according to the latest estimate (July 1, 2022), the amount of proven and potential recoverable gas reserves in the country is 28.59 trillion cubic feet.

From the beginning of gas production till June 30, 2022, the cumulative amount of gas in the country is 19.53 trillion cubic feet.

Currently the remaining recoverable reserves are 9.06 trillion cubic feet. Considering the current average daily production of 2,300 million cubic feet of gas from the gas field, it will be possible to use the remaining gas for 10.8 years.

The mentioned time may increase or decrease if the daily rate of gas production decreases and if gas production increases following the discovery of a new gas field.

In response to another question, the state minister said that since a country’s private LPG is dependent on imports, if the price does not decrease in the international market, there is no opportunity to reduce the price of private LPG in the domestic market without government subsidy.

In response to Nizam Uddin Hazari’s question, the state minister said that from the financial year 2009-10 to 2021-22 fiscal, USD 28.3 billion have been invested in the electricity sector.

Of this, 9.73 billion dollars have been invested in the private sector in electricity generation.

In response to Jatiya Party’s Rustam Ali Farazi’s question, Nasrul Hamid said BPC is making a loss of Tk 21 per liter in the sale of diesel.

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