BTS’ Suga enters his talk show host era with ‘Suchwita’

Another BTS member, the well-beloved RM–who is also Suga’s best friend of 12 years–is the first guest on the show.

Amrie Cruz

Amrie Cruz

Philippine Daily Inquirer


November 30, 2022

MANILA – Some may know BTS’ Suga as a man of few words. Although there is some truth to that—Suga tends to pick his words carefully—he’s actually pretty chatty. Which brings us to his latest surprise: His upcoming online talk show “Suchwita.”

Big Hit Music has announced that “Suchwita” is set premiere next Monday, Dec. 5. We were able to get a glimpse of talk show host Suga in action when the trailer dropped last night, Nov. 28, on the group’s Bangtan TV YouTube channel.

The show’s title is a shorthand for “Time to drink with Suga” in Korean and a combination of Suga and “Daechwita,” the title track of his “D-2” mixtape. Looks like somebody took a page from RM’s wordplaybook.

Speaking of RM, Suga’s best friend of 12 years is the first guest on the show. In the trailer, we see the pair laughing while having a conversation over drinks. It’s such a fitting concept for Suga who’s a big whiskey fan. And with Lee Young-ji’s viral “My Alcohol Diary” drinking talk show on hiatus after its season finale with Jin, this is just what we were looking for.

“Suchwita is a talk-show type content where Suga drinks and talks frankly with people from various fields,” Big Hit Music said. “Suga will reveal the charms of guests with his talking skills, based on his knowledge of music and a wide range of issues.”

The first episode comes a few days after the release of RM’s full-length solo album “Indigo” on Dec. 2. We fully expect exclusive deets on the making of the album and Suga’s own thoughts on each track.

The show comes after Jin’s recently-concluded drinking show titled “The Drunken Truth” and a week before Jin’s reported enlistment on Dec. 13. It’s kind of nice to think that this is BTS’ way of reminding ARMY that there will always be members holding the fort.

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