Burning of Ravana’s effigy should end casteism, regionalism: PM Modi

He said the festival of Vijayadashami should also be a festival of victory of love of the nation over every evil in the nation. “We should resolve to end all evils and discrimination in the society,” the Prime Minister added.


PM Modi attends Dussehra celebrations at DDA ground in Dwarka. PHOTO: THE STATESMAN

October 25, 2023

NEW DELHI – Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended Dussehra celebrations in Dwarka on Tuesday and said it should not be just burning of the effigy of Ravana on Vijayadashmi; it should be an occasion for the end of all those evils which disturb harmony in the society.

Addressing a large gathering before the burning of the effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna and son Meghnad, he said: “Let this occasion see the end of those forces which try to divide Mother India in the name of casteism and regionalism. There should be defeat of ideas which seek the fulfillment of selfish gain, and not development of India.”

“Vijayadashmi is victory of justice over injustice; humility over arrogance and of patience over passion,” he said. “We burn effigies to celebrate victory of Lord Ram over tyrant Ravana,” he said. But it is also an occasion to remember “our resolutions,” he said.

He said the festival of Vijayadashami should also be a festival of victory of love of the nation over every evil in the nation. “We should resolve to end all evils and discrimination in the society,” he said.

The Prime Minister said India has landed on the Moon and will be the third largest economy in the world before long. “We have got a new building for Parliament few weeks back, and to give representation to women, the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam has been passed,” he said.

“India is emerging as not just the largest, but also the most reliable democracy of the world, the world is watching this Mother of Democracy,” he said.

In these happy moments, Lord Ram is going to take His place in the Ram temple of Ayodhya. In a way, after 75 years of Independence, it will mean the birth time of India’s happy future, he said. But India will need to be on vigil.

He said that in India weapons are worshipped, not for taking over someone else’s land but to protect the country’s own land, he said. “We worship Shakti for the welfare of the whole universe. India’s philosophy and thinking teach these values only,” he said.

“We have the knowledge of Gita and at the same time know how to make fighter jets like Tejas and aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. We understand the respect Lord Ram gave to limits in conduct, and also know how to protect our boundaries; we worship strength but during a crisis like Covid-19, show that we care for the well-being of all,” he said.

Lord Ram’s temple is coming up fast in Ayodhya; at the time of the next Ramnavami, “we shall hear sounds from the temple that will make the whole world rejoice. Only a few months are left for Lord Ram to take His place in His Ayodhya temple,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said the next 25 years would be important India. “We have to create an India of Lord Ram’s ideals. A developed India, which is self-reliant, which gives the message of world peace, where everyone has equal rights to fulfill their dreams, and where people feel a sense of prosperity and satisfaction. This is the Ram Raj vision,” he said.

The Prime Minister asked everyone to make 10 resolutions in their lives; that they would save water, promote digital transactions, cleanliness, vocal for local, make quality products, travel around the country before thinking of foreign lands, promote natural farming, prompting and adopting millets and fitness.

“We will resolve to raise the social status of at least one poor family by becoming a member of their household,” he said. “As long as there is even a single poor person in the country who does not have basic facilities, house, electricity, gas, water, or treatment facilities, we should not rest,” he said.

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