China to ship climate change aid to developing nations

To date, China has reached 45 agreements on climate cooperation with 38 developing countries.


April 13, 2023

BEIJING – China will soon ship a series of aids to three developing nations to help beef up their capabilities to cope with climate change, according to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

In moves to implement its plan to ramp up South-South Cooperation on climate change, China will provide 5,000 sets of solar power generation systems for household use and 300 metric tons of cement for seawall construction for the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, the ministry said in a media release on Tuesday.

A mobile ground system that can receive and process data from satellites will be offered to Botswana, the release said. The system will support the African nation in environmental monitoring, agricultural production and the prevention of extreme weather disasters.

It also said six electric buses will be delivered to Costa Rica to facilitate the nation’s endeavor on a green, low-carbon transition in its transportation sector.

“Currently, the production of all aids in the three programs has been completed,” the ministry said. “They will be delivered for shipment soon.”

China has always strived, as its capacity allows, to help other developing nations enhance their capabilities on tackling climate change, the ministry stressed.

To date, China has reached 45 agreements on climate cooperation with 38 developing countries, it said. It has also offered training programs to some 2,300 officials and technicians working in climate-related positions in over 120 developing nations.

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