Congress government is not trustworthy: BJP

BJP chief spokesperson Randhir Sharma said the Congress government has not fulfilled any guarantee on time and the promises in the manifesto ahead of the civic body polls will also be a sham.


[Photo : SNS]

April 26, 2023

SHIMLA – BJP chief spokesperson Randhir Sharma said that the Congress government is not to be trusted as it has not fulfilled any guarantee on time and the promises in the manifesto ahead of the civic body polls will also be a sham.

While addressing media persons here on here on Tuesday, he said that Congress had made many promises before coming to power, and now it is becoming clear that Congress has cheated the people of the state in the name of giving guarantees.

The Congress party will also not be able to fulfill the promises that it will make in the manifesto for the Municipal Corporation Shimla elections that is to be released, he charged.

“We guarantee that the people of Shimla will not trust even the Congress manifesto of Municipal Corporation,” he said taking a dig.

He alleged that the guarantee of OPS promised has not started yet. 11 per cent DA was not given to the employees and only three percent has been announced, which too has not started.

No woman in the age group of 18 to 60 years has been given Rs 1500 so far, he said, accusing Congress of cheating the women folk of the state.

Congress had promised youth of the state of providing five lakh jobs, let alone giving jobs, even those who had jobs have been snatched the same, as those employed through outsourcing have been fired, he alleged.

“There was another guarantee that the horticulturists of the state would decide the price of the fruits themselves, but the Horticulture Minister has backtracked on his words,” alleged Sharma, adding that the very first statement of the Horticulture Minister after the formation of the government was that this is not possible at all.

“The promise of giving 300 units of electricity free is a far cry, as the rates of electricity have been increased. The public has been cheated by closing 900 institutions in the state. The MLAs have been cheated by stopping the MLA fund as well,” he charged.

The Chief Minister talked about making the state debt-free, but in the last four months the state government has raised a loan of Rs 6000 crore, he added.

“The public has lost faith in this government in just four months. We not only did what we had said but also did many things for the convenience of the tourists,” he claimed.

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