Constitutional Court wants more documents in Prayut’s tenure case

The court demanded to see the minutes of the Constitution Drafting Committee meeting after Ruchuphan claimed that his views expressed during the meeting had been partially circulated.

The Nation

The Nation



September 9, 2022


The court reasoned that it wanted to see the part which showed that the meeting ratified the minutes of the CDC’s 500th meeting that was held on September 7 that year.

The court demanded to see the minutes of the 501st CDC meeting because Meechai stated in writing to the court that his views expressed during the 500th meeting had been incompletely circulated by the side that argued Prayut’s term would end on August 24.

In Meechai’s statement to the court, he said the premiership of Prayut should be counted from April 6, 2017, when the current Constitution was promulgated.

Earlier, Prayut’s opponents circulated the minutes of the 500th meeting to quote Meechai as saying that Prayut’s premiership before the promulgation of the charter would be counted.

Meechai said in his statement to the court that the meeting's 500th minutes have not yet been verified and endorsed by the CDC and his view in the 500th minutes was only summarised by the official who jotted down the minutes.

Meechai told the court the correct version of the 500th minutes would be stated in the 501st minutes after endorsement by the CDC.

The Constitutional Court on Thursday therefore ordered the Secretariat of the House of Representatives to submit the 501st minutes of the CDC meeting to the court by Tuesday so it could be considered during a court meeting on Wednesday, September 14.

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