Delhi government extends its free ration scheme till Sept 30

The government has been supplying rations for free to almost 7.3 million citizens since April 2020.


Photo: IANS

June 30, 2022

NEW DELHI – In a huge relief to the residents of the national capital, the Delhi government on Wednesday decided to continue providing free ration to the underprivileged residents of Delhi.
The Delhi Government has extended its free ration scheme till 30 September, informed Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
The proposal was approved unanimously during a meeting of the Delhi Cabinet held today.
The Delhi Government has been supplying ration for free to almost 73 lakh citizens since April 2020.
Kejriwal vouched for the extension of the scheme citing backbreaking inflation and loss of livelihood in the pandemic.
The Delhi Chief Minister chaired an important meeting of the Delhi Cabinet at the Delhi Secretariat.
During the meeting, the Food and Civil Supplies department proposed the extension of the supply of free ration for NFSA beneficiaries for another four months from June to September 2022.
The Delhi Chief Minister took cognisance of the backbreaking inflation as a result of the pandemic supported the merits of the proposal saying that it was pertinent to extend the scheme to give much needed relief to the masses. It was unanimously decided to extend the scheme for another four months till September 30.
Kejriwal said, “The Delhi Government has been providing free ration to the people for the last couple of years. The government offers ration at a nominal rate from ration shops however for the last few years, we’ve been giving that for free too. We have extended this scheme till 30th September and will continue supplying free ration for the coming months too.”
Notably, NFSA beneficiaries include needy people like migrant workers, unorganised workers, construction workers, domestic helpers and those who do not have ration cards. Under the Kejriwal Government’s free ration scheme, 5 kg of food grains are provided free of cost to the needy as per the eligibility prescribed under the NFS Act 2013. This includes 4 kg of wheat and 1 kg of rice per person per month.
Delhi has 72,77,995 Beneficiaries under National Food Security Act, 2013 under Targeted PDS. Due to the spread of COVID-19 and preventive measures of lockdowns, there was consequent loss of livelihood of citizens. To ameliorate this, Delhi Government has been distributing NFSA ration to all PDS beneficiaries free of cost since April 2020.

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