Dhaka introduces marriage registration taxes

The move has been announced in an effort to boost revenue collection, for the government.

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Star Digital Report

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Representational image. PHOTO: THE DAILY STAR

February 8, 2024

DHAKA – The residents of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) will now have to pay taxes for marriage registrations, the city corporation announced in a press release issued yesterday.

The DSCC aims to implement these taxes utilising Section 50 of municipal taxation rules and Section 10(4) of the Ideal Taxation Schedule, 2016.

Abu Nasher, spokesperson of DSCC said in the press release, “This decision has been implemented since January of the current year. In January, 28 marriages were registered in 45 wards of the DSCC. This has generated revenue of Tk 2,800 for the DSCC.”

According to the guidelines provided by the city corporation, the taxation structure for marriage registrations varies based on certain criteria. For the first marriage, individuals are required to pay Tk 100. In the case of a second marriage with the first wife alive, the fee is set at Tk 5,000. A third marriage, with two wives alive, incurs a fee of Tk 20,000. For a fourth marriage with three wives alive, the tax amount increases to Tk 50,000.

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