Discover how Indian actress Rekha defies age with these 4 beauty secrets

When it comes to timeless beauty and grace, there are perhaps a few names in the film industry as revered as Bollywood icon, Rekha. She is in her late 60s, but does she look her age? We don't think so!

Ayman Anika

Ayman Anika

The Daily Star


Photo collage of Indian actress Rekha. PHOTO: THE DAILY STAR

October 12, 2023

DHAKA – When it comes to timeless beauty and grace, there are perhaps a few names in the film industry as revered as Bollywood icon, Rekha. She is in her late 60s, but does she look her age? We don’t think so! With a career spanning over five decades, she continues to captivate our hearts with her timeless beauty and charisma – as her 69th birthday approaches, let’s take a look at the 4 beauty secrets that have contributed to her ageless allure.

Dedication to yoga and meditation

In the late 1970s, before yoga and meditation became a global phenomenon, Rekha embraced them with all her heart. In an interview with BBC News India, in the year 1986, Rekha shared that she would practice yoga and meditation regularly, which she had learned from Rama Bains.

Later on, Rekha even released her own yoga workout audio tape, which became immensely popular. She continued to practice yoga and her radiant complexion and slender physique can be credited to her lifelong dedication to the discipline.

So, yoga and meditation are not just for the body – these practices are elixirs for the soul! They help us to stay fit and promote emotional well-being.

Minimal makeup approach

Over the years, Rekha has maintained a signature minimal makeup routine that accentuates her natural features and enhances her charm. And her style is as legendary as her beauty!

Rekha believes in enhancing her natural features rather than masking them – bold, red lips are her trademark. Her eyes are undoubtedly one of her most captivating features, and she accentuates them with kohl (kajal) and eyeliner, creating a timeless and iconic look.

Rekha’s appearance is incomplete without her traditional Kanjivaram saris and statement jewellery. Her choice of attire complements the minimal makeup she wears, allowing her natural beauty to shine through.

Healthy hobbies for a healthy life

“I love painting, I love gardening, I love experimenting with interior designs – the list is endless, but they make me happy,” beamed Rekha while sharing these insights of her life in an interview with BBC News India.

Maintaining good health is a priority for everyone, and it starts with adopting healthy habits. Consequently, these habits are the building blocks that nurture a healthy life – and perhaps, Rekha has been able to stay radiant and graceful after so many years for her healthy and humble lifestyle.

Inner confidence – the best elixir

Possibly, the most potent beauty secret Rekha possesses is her unwavering inner confidence. Her self-assuredness shines through in every role she plays and every public appearance she makes.

In an interview with Vogue Arabia, she asserted that long ago, she learned that to turn something ordinary into extraordinary, authenticity is the key. She has adhered to her mother’s advice and never let that “chamak” (twinkle in the eyes) fade and wherever life has led her, she stayed loyal to her values and her beliefs.

Her timeless fashion sense and inner confidence continue to make her a symbol of grace and elegance in the world of cinema.

So, beauty secrets are not just about skincare and makeup; they encompass a holistic lifestyle. Evergreen and elegant Rekha’s beauty is a testament to the fact that true beauty is timeless and emanates from within.

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