Drones being deployed to monitor Bangladesh-Myanmar border

Currently, one of the drones is deployed at Bhasan Char and another at Coast Guard Station in Saint Martin, to monitor the situation.


Representational Photo: Reuters

December 5, 2022

DHAKA – The home ministry has decided to use drones to monitor the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

A state-of-the-art drone has been provided to the Coast Guard’s St Martin station and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) are also being provided with the drones, the home ministry said.

The ministry informed of the development at a meeting of the parliamentary standing committee on home affairs ministry in Parliament.

The committee had earlier examined whether drones could be used to monitor the situation in the Bangladesh-Myanmar border area and recommended taking necessary measures.

At the meeting today, the home ministry officials said necessary measures are underway to provide drones to Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) for border surveillance and overall capacity building of BGB.

They also informed that Bangladesh Coast Guard has purchased two sophisticated and advanced drones in June this year.

Currently, one of its drones is deployed at Bhasan Char and another at Coast Guard Station at Saint Martin to monitor the situation along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

When asked about this, Benazir Ahmed, chief of the parliamentary watchdog, said, “We recommended monitoring the border with drones. Drone surveillance is ongoing in areas where Rohingya refugees live, including Bhasan Char. BGB said surveillance will be done using drones in the border area.”

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