Electricity problem to improve in 10-15 days: Bangladesh PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said more electricity will be added to the national grid within the next 10-15 days, ending the ongoing power crisis.


Photo: Asifur Rahman/Star

June 8, 2023

DHAKA – A part of India’s Adani Power Plant’s transmission line in Bangladesh tripped today around 2:30pm, halting supply from the power plant.

PDB spokesperson Shameem Hasan said the issue of the transmission line has been fixed.

“The plant will resume its operation around 11:00pm tonight,” he added.

A power trip happens when an electrical circuit gets load beyond its capacity or is disrupted by natural events.

Due to the trip, the power outages increased in the western zone of the country.

It was the lone running coal-fired power plant that was supplying electricity at its full capacity of 748MW for the last couple of days.

The four other coal-fired power plants are forced to cut or stop production due to coal shortage.

According to the data of the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh, the country faced 3,419MW of load shedding at 4:00pm today against the demand of 14,800MW.

The average load shedding in the country was around 2,500 to 3,000MW since the half of the Payra power plant shut on May 25.

Payra Thermal Power Plant was shut temporarily on June 5 due to coal shortage. The other three coal-fired power plants are also operating at half capacity due to shortage of coal.

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